Willow: Realm combines many genres into one

You may know her as WillowDG, she’s 31 and comes from Bulgaria and she’s one of the members of our Customer Support Team. Meet Willow

What is your job? Tell us about it. 

As a lot of you guys have already seen, I am a relatively new addition to Realm’s Customer Support team.… Read more “Willow: Realm combines many genres into one”


BB_Smooth: “RotMG is an Ego Checker”

He’s the newest addition to the DECA Content Partners and we thought that this would be the best way to welcome him to family. Meet BB_Smooth.

Name, Nationality and Age? 

Travis Smooth, Texan :), 26

Is making content your main activity? 

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A dog streaming a Sorcerer PPE? Meet Faffy

Hello Realmers, today you get to know Faffy, one of the Discord moderators, in a non-conventional interview. Say Hi in the comments!

Who are you?

Hi hi! I’m Faffy and I’m an internet sorcerer (mod) for the RotMG Official Discord. I’m from the Philippines and recently turned 22.… Read more “A dog streaming a Sorcerer PPE? Meet Faffy”


Meet Acalos, the Community Manager


This week we are going to introduce you to a new member of the Realm of the Mad God team! Our new Community Manager, Acalos! 

IGN, Nationality and Age?

My IGN is Deca_Acalos, I am 28 years old/young. While originally born in Berlin, I am now living in Hamburg Germany.… Read more “Meet Acalos, the Community Manager”


“Hey, can you make me a thumbnail, Afro?”

His name is Isaac,19 years old, and he’s from England. You may know him as Leucoryx, Aphrow or Aphrew. He’s one of our partnered content creators and one hell of an editor. Meet Afro.

Is making content your main activity? If not, what is your day job?

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Saturn: “I love every piece I create”

He’s everyone’s favourite artist and one of the kindest personalities in the community. Meet the Shiba-loving Knight behind the loading screens and read his advice to aspiring artists!

Nationality and age?

I’m half-Thai, half-Japanese. Also my age is 18 (it will always be like this forever and will never get increased.)… Read more “Saturn: “I love every piece I create””