A dog streaming a Sorcerer PPE? Meet Faffy

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Hello Realmers, today you get to know Faffy, one of the Discord moderators, in a non-conventional interview. Say Hi in the comments!

Who are you?

Hi hi! I’m Faffy and I’m an internet sorcerer (mod) for the RotMG Official Discord. I’m from the Philippines and recently turned 22.

How did you get involved with the RotMG scene? Who or what brought you to the game?

I first heard about the game when TotalBiscuit did a video about RotMG back in 2011. I thought it looked really cool and had neat classes (like Sorcerer). Then I found out it was on Kongregate, where I stuck around for a bit before moving to Steam around 2015.

Is Sorcerer still your favorite class? What do think about the the upcoming Kensei?

Sorcerer’s still my favorite class, flawed as it is in its current state. With Kensei’s reveal, I suspect that DECA wants to lean more towards designing classes that have better ways of expressing player skill which I feel is what the game really needs to stay interesting. Hopefully, that will translate to the rest of the roster but for now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

What makes you want to play?

There are two important things that keep me on RotMG personally and one of them is the feeling of slowly overcoming bosses and dungeons that I wasn’t able to do previously. It’s a really nice feeling, especially with the risk of permadeath always looming over (though that does make me very risk-averse when it comes to losing my precious Sorcerers).

The other is slowly building up a safety net for when I eventually lose a character and have to rebuild. It’s not a very exciting process but the slow grind and build-up is satisfying in its own way. If you’ve ever played something like Cookie Clicker or other resource management games then you understand.

And talking about other games, what other games do you play?

At the moment real life’s got me pretty busy so I don’t play too many full games nowadays but there are some I’d like to mention like Noita (which has almost-sorcerers), Spiritfarer, Outer Wilds, Disco Elysium, and All Day Dying. Sometimes I also like to just go as far down as I can go on sites like GameJolt and Itch to see what kind of obscure and/or cursed games I can find.

What does life get you pretty busy with?

The usual stuff, college, and hobbies. The former isn’t all that interesting but the latter has me planning out stuff for a big personal project next year and I can’t wait to be able to have something to show for it. As for what it is, I can’t really say much right now.

Returning to RotMG, what are the changes you’ve been wanting and are not present in the game yet?

Definitely some changes to WisMod. In its current state, it’s just a small boost you can get if you have any extra wisdom in your DPS set but I’ve always wanted it to be viable to invest in fully. Right now the best example of this is with full wis Sorcerer but even then it’s still a paltry boost on a class whose best UT abilities come from godlands dungeons. So some changes to WisMod balancing are needed for it to be more worthwhile. Along with that should come Sorcerer buffs, the reasons for which are too numerous for this interview but the short of it is that it’s been practically replaced by other classes and needs an identity of its own again (which in an ideal scenario would be a full wis build ability damage powerhouse).

Both of these things need changes to the game’s backend, I assume. So until then, these will have to remain as ideas rather than goals. 😔

Oryx is coming for you and your life depends on one of the characters of the game. Who would you chose to be your bodyguard, and why?

See the right answer is Craig, since he can probably take me somewhere safe. That said I wanna see how long I last with the Sorcerer. Probably not very long but might be fun in the 4 seconds we have before we both get mulched.

Quick choice questions:

  • Cats or Dogs?
  • Streaming or TV?
  • Streaming or Cinema?
  • Beach or Countryside?
  • O3 or Shatters?
  • Laundry or Dishes?
  • Blue or Red?
  • Book or eBook?
  • PPE or PVP?

Answer: A dog streaming a Sorcerer PPE to O3 while doing the dishes and reading a book somewhere by the countryside.

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5 replies on “A dog streaming a Sorcerer PPE? Meet Faffy”

  1. Mintwun

    based sorcerer main

  2. Coolfood

    big fan of faffio

  3. Micki

    Cats or Dogs? I love both cats and dogs. But id want a dog the most even tho i got 2 cats
    Streaming or TV? Streaming, bigger choice selection.
    Streaming or Cinema? Cinema definitely, with family or friends or lover, doesnt matter.
    Beach or Countryside? Always beach
    O3 or Shatters? Shatters, even tho it takes long its so fun.
    Laundry or Dishes? Dishes
    Blue or Red? Red
    Book or eBook? None. Lol
    PPE or PVP? PPE definitely my upe on youtube just got 18.5k views 😀

  4. i love you faffi uwu

  5. Bobby Joe


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