13 days of headhunting: choose your bounty!

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Hello Realmers,

The bosses at the Godlands have all become a little bit madder since MotMG. With Halloween approaching the veils between the realms have become thinner, messing even more with their heads. For the next 13 days, we’ll need your help containing the madness.… Read more “13 days of headhunting: choose your bounty!”

Open Testing for Halloween

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Hey Realmers,

Our Development Team has been very busy working on making the game more secure and fixing those bugs that bother us all. In the meanwhile, our Live Ops team was working on remodeling the old Bazaar.

We are very excited to announce that the old Cloth Bazaar was completely remodeled and expanded and to fit its new grandeur, it is now called the Grand Bazaar!… Read more “Open Testing for Halloween”

Moloch: “my guildmates will always bring me back”

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Hello Realmers,

With the end of the Month of The Mad God, it is time to return to our weekly interviews. English teacher and fan of boardgames, and FPSs, here’s one of our beloved Future Seekers: Moloch. (What is a Future Seeker?… Read more “Moloch: “my guildmates will always bring me back””

The Court is in Session

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Hello Realmers,

This is sounding a bit “Déjà vu”, right? After postponing the event due to a minor bug that was already fixed, we bring you the promised action at the Court of Oryx.
All Court of Oryx dungeons (High Tech Terror, Cnidarian Reef, Lair of Shaitan, Secluded Thicket, Puppet Master’s Encore) will have a 1.5x loot and XP multiplier from Friday, October 15 at 12:00 PM UTC until Tuesday, October 19, 12:00 PM UTC.… Read more “The Court is in Session”

Update 2.0.5

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Hello Realmers,

With this release, we are introducing important security measures to target DDoS attacks and multiboxing. We aim towards a more stable and secure Realm, with better loading times.

Other Changes:

  • Adjusted the loading screen size, so that the image does not appear stretched.
Read more “Update 2.0.5”

Event shuffle and open testing

Development Update

Howdy Realmers,

Unfortunately, some unintended interactions related to Court of Oryx dungeons have come to light these days – namely instakill exploits and the ability to quickly access the Court through early game dungeons with the Noble Boss modifier. While we are working on relevant changes which should, if all is well, make their way into the release on Tuesday, it was necessary to postpone the Court event to next weekend.… Read more “Event shuffle and open testing”

Janus event? Janus event!

Development Update

Howdy Realmers,

The Realm Eye says that “Oryx, in a drunken stupor, pulled the door leading to the court out of the stone walls and breathed sinister life into it, turning it into Janus the Doorwarden.”. That means that canonically, Janus was animated by Oryx’s alcoholic breath.… Read more “Janus event? Janus event!”

Testing successful!

Development Update

Hello Realmers,

Congratulations on completing, and sometimes overshooting, the Testing objectives! Thanks to your participation we gathered valuable feedback and reports. You will find a free pack with a Mystery ST Chest in the shop from this moment until October 8th, 08:00 AM UTC.… Read more “Testing successful!”

Taking the Summoner for a testing spin

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Hello Realmers,

Today we bring you a different kind of testing, focused on the Summoner and some of the animations in the dungeons. We are reworking the mechanics of the summons so that they feel more comfortable for you when you are controlling them.… Read more “Taking the Summoner for a testing spin”