Closed Testers

Please note that only applications written in English will be considered, and you need to be at least 18 years old to take part in the program. The program requires you to test content that usually is provided over the weekend, and you will be prompted for written feedback.

If you do not qualify to join or cannot participate in testing over the weekends, this program is not for you.

After the application process concludes and we select new testers, we will close and clear the existing applications. We highly recommend that you save your portfolio and answers if you look to apply in the future when applications reopen.

Closed Testers get to:

  1. Participate in social testing sessions with other team members (sound/art/etc.) on weekends
  2. Provide feedback for events planned by DECA
  3. Create their own projects and test them with other team members on the testing servers
  4. Have input on changes to current content as well as future content
  5. Work together with other team members on gameplay, art & applications for new members
  6. Help improve the game by reporting bugs
  7. …and more!

Can I join?

You can apply on the form below, but please make sure to read the Terms & Conditions first. The Realm Team will review your application and, if accepted, you’ll get an invite email with the remaining procedures. Please note that only applications written in English will be considered.

    Do you agree to the terms and conditions?

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