Future Seekers

The DECA Future Seekers Program, (or just FS) was created with the goal of gathering a small community of players who, for fun, want to help out testing or create items and dungeons for the game.

Future Seekers get to:

  1. Participate in testing sessions and give feedback to content DECA and other Future Seekers are creating
  2. Give feedback to events DECA is planning
  3. Create their own projects on a Future Seekers dedicated server (weapons, dungeons, enemies, etc.)
  4. Make changes to existing in-game sprites
  5. Make suggestions to change the existing sprites or new sprites created by DECA
  6. Give feedback on projects created by other Future Seekers
    1. Gameplay
    2. Art
  7. Create art for other Future Seekers’ projects
  8. Report bugs
  9. Give feedback to DECA regarding the art being submitted via “Fan Content”
  10. Give feedback for applications to the Future Seekers program
  11. and more…

Can I join?

You can apply on the form below, but please make sure to read the Terms & Conditions first. The Realm Team will review your application and, if accepted, you’ll get an Invite email with the remaining procedures. Right now there are 0/30 slots open. Please note that only applications written in English will be considered.

    Do you agree to the terms and conditions?

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