Not all that glitters is Gold

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Sometimes it’s double gold.

Hello Shiny Realmers,

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Realmers who celebrate it!

This week has been quite intense, with the release of the Fame Reworks. We can assure you that our team is working around the clock to ensure that the issues that came with it are solved very soon. … Read more “Not all that glitters is Gold”

Patch notes – The Fame Rework

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Today it’s all about fame, isn’t it? Well, we couldn’t agree more. The much anticipated Fame rework is finally here.

Fame reworked:

The fame system has been reworked with the goal of creating a system that rewards a character accordingly throughout its life, no matter what kind of playstyle you may have.… Read more “Patch notes – The Fame Rework”

The Arrival

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An event like you’ve never seen before

Hello space Realmers,

We were wondering: this has been such a peculiar year… what are we missing? Yes, you guessed correctly: Aliens! Aliens are arriving (only to the Realm, hopefully) this Thursday for a 10 day event, with plenty of quests and lots of loot to grind.… Read more “The Arrival”

Getting started creating pixel art – part 1/2

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Guestpost written by Poshun, inspired by his RealmEye tutorial

This article is written to explain the process behind creating pixel art in the style Realm of the Mad God. It will outline what software you could use for drawing and rendering sprites, as well as how to organize your sprite sheet, helping you present your ideas during contests or just for fun!… Read more “Getting started creating pixel art – part 1/2”

Reconstruction Continues

Development Update

As the Halloween season fades, we wanted to officially announce what some of us have been working on for the next round of dungeon reconstruction!

Reconstruction Continues

Deadwater Docks, Woodland Labyrinth, and the Crawling Depths have all fallen behind the new standard we aimed to set (both aesthetically and mechanically) in the early game dungeons reworked during Month of the Mad God.… Read more “Reconstruction Continues”

Let the Runes Fall

Producer's Letter

Goodbye Halloween

Hello Lucky Realmers, 

Still cleaning up the cobwebs from the living room, hm? And organizing all the collected loot candy? We’re doing the same, but we kind of grew fond of the Halloween Nexus and decided to keep it around a bit more. … Read more “Let the Runes Fall”

MotMG Stats and November Calendar

Development Update

Halloween is nearly upon us! We hope you’ve been enjoying the spooky events stalking the realm and getting some of those extra special items with your tokens! We wanted to close out the month with a look back at some impressive stats from MotMG, as well as a look ahead to November’s daily rewards calendar!… Read more “MotMG Stats and November Calendar”