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Hello Realmers,

It’s the end of Oryxmas and the Nexus is now celebrating the Lunar New Year. Apart from removing everything related to Oryxmas, we are taking the chance to make a few tweaks on Dungeon Modifiers and Item forge and fix some bugs.

These are the changes you can expect:

Item Forge

A Blueprint that was before allowed to craft Fractured Gemstone Wakizashi, Star of Enlightenment, and Sporous Spray Spell will now only unlock Sporous Spray Spell. It is still dropped by Crystal Worm Mother and is also eventually available through the Schematics system.

Dungeon Modifiers

We have adjusted the frequency at which the S-Grade tier appears in naturally-spawned dungeons that appear very frequently in the realm (like Pirate Cave, Snake Pit, etc.). Of course, they are still possible, but they have an adjusted drop rate more adequate to the frequency in which they can be found. 

‘Generous’ Dungeon Mod in Shatters was not functioning properly and it spawned the quest chest directly instead of the item, this has been fixed.


  • Moon Nildrop had a problem where it didn’t buff your nearby allies, it behaves correctly now.
  • Tweaked the time with idle animations on the skins Grandma Necromancer; Cozy Blanket Sorcerer; Oryxmas Treeckster and Grandpa Paladin.
  • Fixed alignment for the idle animations of Grandma Necromancer, Grandpa Paladin and Cozy Blanket Sorcerer, as well as for their sprites in places in the UI.
  • Fixed a bug that caused changes not to take place immediately when the player tried to change options such as “Enemy Damage Text”.
  • Fixed a bug where, on rare occasions, Exalted Oryx would not transition correctly to his final phase if too much damage was applied during the Tornado phase.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the tooltip to remain on the cursor until the player hovered over a new item when hovering over rewards in the campaign and trying to close by pressing the ESC key.
  • Lady of Locks Ninja, Miss Shamrock Wizard, and Cozy Blanket Sorcerer are now displaying correctly in the down attack animation.
  • Small fixes on some of the skins:
    • The dye mask of Pearl Moon Kensei Skin now appears properly in attacking downwards and upwards animations.
    • Dye/cloth mask now applies to the Lil’ Carrot Ninja and Season Spring Huntress skins.
    • One hair pixel was overridden by a dye/cloth mask on Red Prismed Trickster skin.
    • Shortened Supermodel of Swordsmanship Kensei Skin’s name.

Other Changes

  • Added information on how much time is left until the end of event quests.
  • Maxed stat should be displayed properly in all cases.
  • Some stability and performance improvements.
  • Magic potions cannot be consumed while a player is under Quiet effect or when they use the ability.
  • Defeating The Forgotten King in Shatters dungeon with Generous mod active is spawning the quest chest directly instead of dropping it in a bag.
  • Volcanic Sheath, Spider Shuriken, and Davy’s Sheath are now tradable.
  • Axolotl Pet Skin is now appearing under Exotic family in the pet wardrobe
  • Snowman’s Sheath and Great Shinobi Sheath now both cost 125 mana
  • Added the Wand of the Fallen and the Orb of Aether to the Mountain Temple treasure room.

New Mystery Skin item

We gave a new meaning to Crystals of Fortune so you can get a chance to get a random skin from Basic to Exalted for cheaper. The Mystery Skin item will give you an equal chance to get one skin from all skins in the game (excluding the ones deemed exclusive). You will be able to exchange 3 X 20 Crystals of Fortune at the Tinkerer for a Mystery Skin and try your luck again.

We are planning to update the Mystery [Class] Skins pool soon, so you can also exchange Crystals of Fortune for your preferred class Mystery Skin or some selected skins that will rotate from time to time. Also, we are working on a system to make usage out of repeatable skins. Let’s know if you have any ideas or feedback.

New Cloths:

New Skins:

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