Open Testing: O3 training grounds!


This weekend we are opening the gates of the Sanctuary and placing them in the Nexus (of the testing server) for you to practice your O3s. Why practice? Because next week, starting on Tuesday, the 11th, at 12 PM UTC, and until the 18th at the same time, you won’t need runes to enter the Sanctuary on production. … Read more “Open Testing: O3 training grounds!”


Thanksgiving is near!


We have some tasty news to share. Soon the day of the turkey arrives. Thanksgiving! To make sure you are going to enjoy your meal, we prepared a free pack for everyone to collect.

The Thanksgiving Dinner Pack contains Thanksgiving Turkey, Pumpkin Pie, Sliced Yam, Ear of Corn, and Cranberries.… Read more “Thanksgiving is near!”


Open Testing this weekend with Shatters and O3

Hello Realmers,

We have that big free O3 event starting on Monday and you probably didn’t take the time yet to properly practice, right? As much as you may want to go into those Discord runs with your mates, there’s an easier way.… Read more “Open Testing this weekend with Shatters and O3”


Events highlight: Free O3

Happy New Year, Realmers!

The Oryxmas spirit hasn’t left the building yet, so, after showing you the highlights of 2020, we decided to start the year with a treat: unlocking up Oryx’s Sanctuary from 01/06/21, 12:00 PM UTC until 01/12/21, 12:00 PM UTC

Apart from that, we’ll have chest events running in The Crawling Depths, from 01/06/21, 12:00 PM UTC until 01/10/21, 12:00 PM UTC and on The Shatters, from 01/08/21, 12:00 PM UTC until 01/12/21, 12:00 PM UTC.… Read more “Events highlight: Free O3”