Open Testing this weekend with Shatters and O3

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Hello Realmers,

We have that big free O3 event starting on Monday and you probably didn’t take the time yet to properly practice, right? As much as you may want to go into those Discord runs with your mates, there’s an easier way. This weekend on Testing, Oryx Sanctuary is going to pop up in the Nexus every other minute. It’s going to be alternating with The Shatters. And yes, The Shatters will have the much-requested nerfs you’ve been asking for. But the changes and fixes won’t be a Shatters exclusive, O3 will have important fixes to its stability that we need to test. 

So gather the same mates you were going to make those Discord runs with, and do it in Testing. We actually need large groups to test both the Sanctuary and The Shatters. The Shop will have all the items you’ll need to properly test and enjoy both dungeons.

Another important aspect we are testing is the loading time. How long does it take you to get into the testing environment? Is it better than the actual game? Let us know in the comments down below. 

Oh, and although you’ll see the Halloween Nexus in place, know that this will not be Nexus present on the next release. It’s there for testing purposes only.

Here are the changes you can expect on The Shatters:

  • Reduced base HP to varying degrees on all standard/accursed dungeon enemies (as always we’ll continue keeping an eye on things to hit that balance of challenge and pacing)
  • Added a unique sprite for the Stone Paladin’s special super attack (and the accursed counterpart)
  • Reduced the damage of the Stone Gargoyle (+ accursed variant) paralyzing slash attacks and buffed the damage of its special boulder blast
  • Changed the projectile sprite of the Accursed Stone Gargoyle special attack to be more visually fitting
  • Tweaked the Fire Bomb animation to be more obvious and fluid
  • Added a blue shield icon to players when being granted invincibility via village teleporters to clarify you are safe for a few moments
  • Increased the circling range slightly on Fire Adepts and their Accursed variants.
  • Increased the drop rate for Defiled Equilibrium on mage enemies.

 To enter the Testing Environment, you’ll need to select “Testing” on the top-right menu of the launcher. You’ll need a different account for Testing, so keep that in mind. If you don’t have one, please create it as you would normally do.

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One reply on “Open Testing this weekend with Shatters and O3”

  1. Srthfy

    One major thing that you can change is blob-bombs. Like old blob bombs when you kill them they don’t explode but with these new one they explode after killing them and when you are close to them. It should be simple, if you don’t kill them they explode and if you do they don’t. It is just stupid in my opinion bc there is no point in focusing on killing blob bomb if they explode no matter what. I’ve had too many times where blob bombs have made the unreasonably difficult leaving only a few people in the run left, this has made it really hard to even finish the whole dungeon. No one wants to do shatters sill the dungeon flopped, no one has time for a 45+min dungeon that will only give minimal loot. How do you expect people to even exalt this dungeon. Yes I do enjoy a bit of a challenge at times but most people are really casual players and they don’t have time for this.

    I think the best idea for you to make the dungeons quicker would be changing the clear of 2nd boss. I think they should add back rushing not only will it make it faster but it will carry on the aspects of the old shatters. You should make it so one person can rush the flames and once they kill the flame thing the flame goes instantly to boss room instead of them having to drag it all the way back and clear. Now they can add a secret switch and trickster can get that bc trickster is not as useful because bosses cant be decoyed so it would add more of a use to them. If the group doesn’t have a trickster then they will have to do the 3rd flame and this one should have the players drag it all the way to boss room, this will allow all runs to require a trickster to make them faster and make it so they don’t feel useless.

    These are just my opinions but I think I share these with a lot of the community, I’m just giving my ideas that I feel would make this dungeon an actual real fun dungeon. I know you guys are trying to make things go a bit better but I feel that this is much need for this dungeon, i love what you have done for other dungeon I just don’t think new shatters is as fun and I don’t think it is your best work to appeal to the realm community.

    I don’t expect you guys to respond or even see this but if you do I’m just here giving off suggestions.

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