Public Testing: Seasonal Characters and Leaderboards


Another weekend, another time to test out new features. This time you will once again be able to test the Seasonal Characters and another small surprise (read below)!
You are wondering what Seasonal Characters are? No worries we got you covered with our previous news regarding them.… Read more “Public Testing: Seasonal Characters and Leaderboards”


Public Testing: Battlepass and more!


The weekend is right before our eyes and it is time to engulf in more testing! This time we have a treat for you, we are testing more features for our upcoming Month of the Mad God! A full thorough explanation of all features will be on the release notes for the patch, but we are going to give you a bit of context for everything already.… Read more “Public Testing: Battlepass and more!”


Open Testing: Stat Stacking


Welcome to this testing session! This week we are inviting you to test the Realms directly! We have made some fairly simple, but hopefully effective changes to speed up the pacing of Realms! 

Please note that:

You need to select “Testing” from the upper right launcher menu in order to enter this testing session.… Read more “Open Testing: Stat Stacking”