Assassin and Sorcerer rework sneak peek

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Two big class reworks are coming with this year’s Month of the Mad God: Assassin and Sorcerer. Today we give you a sneak peek.


One of the bigger issues of Assassin has been falling short of its role as the damage class of the dagger trio. To remedy this, poisons have gained the damage boost ability, increasing an Assassins weapon damage against any targets it has poisoned. This buff varies from poison to poison and only applies to and Assassin themselves rather than the entire group. This also acts as more incentive to balance using both your poison and dagger skillfully when playing the class.


With the rework of the Sorcerer’s ability, we felt that its core ability was already a solid and unique effect. Rather than remove it entirely, we decided to expand on the sorcerer’s zone control capabilities with a new effect called “Shockblast” which marks a number of targets hits with your lightning and creates a damaging Area of Effect that can proc multiple times per cast and can stack with continuous casts of your ability.


With these two ability reworks we will also be introducing a new item mechanic called “Stat Mod”. Similar to WisMod, the stats you have will be able to increase the strength of your Poisons and Scepters. While the tiered abilities will both scale off Wisdom, their UTs will be able to scale off your other stats (DEX, ATT, VIT, etc). This will be the start of allowing more flexibility in your equipment builds. 

Murky toxin for example has each of its poison grenades scale on a different stat, Attack or Dexterity. This results in creating a different way to build to maximize this poison over other poisons.

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