Public Testing: New Panel and Missions

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A new weekend begins right before we jump into February. The last time you were able to have a look at the newest dungeon coming to Realm of the Mad God, now it’s time to have a look at the next season, Missions and Battle Pass. Additionally, you can also have a first glance at the “Playing Now” panel feature. Let’s have a look.

As always, please leave any kind of feedback about those features and rewards on our social channels on discord and so on. 

“Playing Now” panel

This is a new tab we have added to the Social Menu called “Playing now”.

In this panel, you can see the players currently in the same room as you. This does not work outside the current room for the time being, but we want to hear your opinions on this feature.

In the upper section, you can see your own character and set the visibility of the character for the rest of the players in that room.

  • If set to ON (which is the default), then the character is visible in the “Available players” list for all other players.
  • If set to OFF, the character won’t be visible.
  • Beware that if you decide to load a new character, the visibility toggle should keep the previous setting.

The next section is the list of players in that room:

  • This section will show all other characters that exist in the same room.
  • The headbar of this menu displays the name of the current room as well as the number of players in it.
  • Beware that players who have decided to switch OFF their “visibility” won’t appear nor be added to the player count.
  • You can also sort players by pressing the icon ↿⇂
  • The sorting order is by star rank and then maxed stats (X/8)
  • You can hover any character in the “Available players” section to open the regular Interaction panel.
  • This also allows you to chat, trade, lock or add new Friends directly from this list! Remember some commands like Trade will still not work if you are too far from the player.

Status icons

  • You can pick an icon from a predetermined list by clicking next to your star rank.
  • You can use these “statuses” however you want! For example:
    • An icon to advertise you have keys for an important dungeon (or O3 runes)
    • An icon to advertise you look forward playing endgame dungeons
    • An icon to advertise you are in a certain mood
    • An icon to advertise you are happy and looking forward to chat or socialize

To help us improve communication & connectivity within the Realm, please provide us with your observations & feedback about this feature, we want to know your opinion and also test its stability.


With a new season starting very soon, we have also prepared new missions for you to progress on. Please remember that everything on the PT is up for change and might not be the final product.

You will be able to receive the following rewards when finishing all missions:


  • Crazy Chicken emote
  • Attack emote


  • Voidwalker
  • Kingdom Conqueror


  • Bark Bark Bard Skin


  • Sword of the Colossus
  • Orb of Conflict


  • Mystery Stat Pot
  • Paramount Ore
  • Ambrosia
  • Marble Quest Chest
  • Volded Quest Chest
  • Greater Mystery Skin
  • Royal Quest Chest Item
  • Beginner Ring
  • Beginner Armor
  • Beginner Ability
  • Beginner Weapon
  • Intermediate Ring
  • Intermediate Armor
  • Intermediate Ability
  • Intermediate Weapon
  • Advanced Ring
  • Advanced Armor
  • Advanced Ability
  • Advanced Weapon
  • Seasonal Apple

Battle Pass 

A new Battle Pass arrives with the next season. You can find the current one down below. As always, please leave feedback about the rewards.

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