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This weekend we have something a little bit different coming up on our testing servers. As some of you might remember from our Producer Letter earlier this year, we are still working on our Seasonality feature.

This weekend you will be able to test Seasonal Characters. In order to fully test this feature we will have two different seasons active. The first starts today on Friday and lasts until Saturday noon. Once the first season is over, season 2 will start five minutes later and last until Monday 6 AM UTC. In order to make testing easier, we reduced the amount of BXP needed for the Battlepass on our Testing Server.

Per design, you won’t be able to purchase the exalted pass in the last 24 hours of the season.

Seasonal Characters

A new way of playing Realm is on the way: Seasonal Characters.

Seasonal Characters are characters created within a certain season. When you create a new character, you can choose to make them ‘Seasonal’:

Your Seasonal Characters are marked in your characters list panel:

You can also distinguish between regular and Seasonal Characters by the color of the username

Seasonal Characters become regular characters after the season ends. All their inventories, as well as the contents of the vault chest/gift chest/potion vault are transferred to the regular vault.

Rules for Seasonal Characters

Seasonal Characters have a separate vault chest, gift chest and potion vault. This means you cannot access your regular storage with them! You will have to start “from scratch” every season.

Seasonal Characters, on the other hand, do share the vault between themselves. So if your Seasonal Character dies, a new Seasonal Character can still go to the Seasonal Vault and find items.

Gift Chest is also available for Seasonal Characters, but bear in mind that if you make a purchase or claim (for example, a shop item or a completed quest) the items will go to the Seasonal/regular Gift Chest depending if you are playing right now with a Seasonal or regular character! 

This means that, if you want a claimed item to go to the Seasonal Gift Chest, you should make sure to claim the prize with a Seasonal Character!

Other important rules apply to Seasonal Characters:

  • A Seasonal Character can only trade with other Seasonal Characters, not with regulars.
  • There is a limited amount of storage space available for Seasonal Characters.
    • Bear in mind the spacing you have in the regular vaults does not apply and every season the seasonal vaults will be reset.
    • Expansions on storage are also limited. More information about this will be delivered in the future.
  • Forge progress is also reset: while Blueprints work normally, every season the forge resets for Seasonal Characters getting restored to the original recipes.

Pets work normally for Seasonal Characters. Also, there will be a method for players who want to convert their Seasonal Characters to regular (but not the other way around).

Why play a Seasonal Character?

One of the most interesting aspects of Seasonal Characters is their exclusive access to Missions, an upcoming feature that will allow your Seasonal Characters to do certain tasks and obtain unique rewards and BXP, only available for the season. Regular characters cannot participate in missions.

Note: This Public Testing session is a technical stability test for Seasonal Characters and the Missions feature will not be available.

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