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Welcome to this testing session! This week we are inviting you to test the Realms directly! We have made some fairly simple, but hopefully effective changes to speed up the pacing of Realms! 

Please note that:

You need to select “Testing” from the upper right launcher menu in order to enter this testing session. If you don’t have a Testing account you’ll need to create one. Your regular production account will not be of any use there.

Realm Speedup:

We have made some changes to the Realm spawning system to both reduce the time spent in the Realm and make it more meaningful by having more interesting events.

  • The amount of Ent Ancients and Liches have been reduced by 50% on average, resulting in a 33% decrease in Heroes of Oryx overall.
    • Drop rates have been increased to adjust for the reduction.
  • Event bosses for high-level dungeons now have a 25% chance to spawn, so they will spawn more frequently. Some once-per-realm events can now appear more than once. Currently, this includes the Lord of the Lost Lands, Sphinx, Hermit, and Mountain Temple encounters.
  • Slight adjustments to some Event encounters
    • Avatar
      • MaxHP reduced from 150k to 125k
      • Killer Pillar defense reduced from 70 to 60
    • The Nest
      • Beehemoth MaxHP reduced from 25k to 20k
      • Nest Colonies were reduced from 11 to 7 spawns.

Another significant adjustment we are making is to change the stat stacking for both items and consumables.

Previously, one of the problems in our system was that stat modifiers were applied in a very inconsistent way. You could stack two different modifiers on the same stat and, depending on the circumstances and context, they would overwrite, or even ignore one another without a proper, logical stacking method. This issue lasted for a very long time and it hindered the creation and balancing of several items.

Now, we are changing and introducing new functionalities to finetune the rules by which different stat modifiers are applied to a player, from either gear or consumables. Here you will see a brief description of some of our new “stacking modes”:

Diminishing returns stacking mode

  • In this mode, the oldest modifier works at 100% efficiency, while new modifiers to the same stat that are added on top of it, will be applied at a decreased efficiency. This works very similarly to the current stacking system.
  • Example:
    • The player uses an item that gives +10 ATT.
    • They use it again, or another attack-boosting item.
    • Their total ATT bonus is ~18 (the second use is less efficient and only provides +8 ATT!)
    • They use it again. Their total Attack bonus becomes ~23 (the third use is even less efficient, providing +5 ATT!)

Consumable stacking mode

  • Works the same as Diminishing Returns; however, it contains all consumables.
    • Allows consumables to stack on top of and not interfere with temporary boosts from equips but still diminishes between other consumables.

Maximum stacking mode

  • In this mode, only the highest modifier will be applied.
  • Example:
    • The player equips an item that gives +50 HP.
    • The player activates an Ability that gives +100 HP.
    • The player gets a total of +100 HP for the duration of the Ability.

Per-item no-stacking mode

  • In this mode, you can only receive the modifier from a particular item once.
  • You can still receive modifiers to the same stat from other items, but not from the one you already have a modifier from.
  • Example:
    • The Player uses the Seal of the Seeker Ability to boost hitpoints.
    • This item will then be ignored for all further attempts to boost hitpoints.
    • The player may use other items to boost hitpoints, so long as they are not the same item.
Diminishing returns stacking modeMaximum stacking modePer-item no-stacking mode
Helm of Draconic DominanceSeal of the InitiateCloak of Bloody Surprises
Champion’s BastionSeal of the PilgrimCrystal Shield
Tome of Holy FurorSeal of the SeekerCrystalline Kunai
Seal of the Enchanted ForestSeal of the AspirantMad Javelin
Sacrilege SealSeal of the DivineNoble Mandolin
Mighty SteinSeal of the Holy WarriorOryxmas Carol
Ceremonial MerlotSeal of the Blessed ChampionResurrected Warrior’s Armor
Slurpian Sea ScrollLegacy Seal of the Enchanted ForestGreaterhosen
Lightshow ScepterAdvent SealHollyhock Hide
Helm of Exalted MightScholar’s SealAegis Armor
LullabySeal of InvocationSquadron Sheathing
Tome of ExorcismSeal of Righteous VictoryJudge’s Robe
Cloak of Eerie TrepidationNovice’s LuteReinforced Root Armor
Sandstone SealOakwood LuteResplendent Bow
Rage ClawsIron LuteLaborer’s Hard Hat
Cursed Spire SpellSilver LuteOperator’s Hard Hat
 Battle LuteForeman’s Hard Hat
 Regal LuteEmber of the Void
 Skyward LuteEmber of the Daeva
 Nebular LuteMetal-plated Corset
 Nether LuteBlitz Sheath
 Snake Charmer PungiLeaf Dragon Hide Armor
 Angel’s Fanfare*Prism of Shattered Light
  Cloak of the Darkened Sun
  Orb of Conquest
  Seal of the Battle God
  Vesture of Duality
  Vampiric Cape
  Collector’s Monocle
  Centaur’s Shielding
  Exalted God’s Horn
  Angel’s Fanfare*

* Angel’s Fanfare, due to its particular design that contains several effects combined, also uses a combination of different stack modes.

In the testing server Shop you’ll find everything you need for this session:

Relative Stat Boosts

We are adding a new functionality for items, relative stat boosts, which provide bonuses to your stats based on the other stats you have. For example, we can now add an item that gives you a bonus equal to 20% of your speed stat as defense, allowing you to potentially build for speed and be rewarded with more defense for doing so. This will allow us to create new items that can greatly expand the depth to create a gear setup enabling much more intricate and interesting builds.

  • Only boosts stats based on your base stats/exaltations + equipment, consumables, and temporary buffs are not counted.
  • It does not consider other relative boosts when calculating your boost, so if you have 20% of wisdom added as defense, and 20% of Defense added as wisdom, they will ignore each other to prevent things from getting out of hand.

What do you think about these changes to the Realm? Your feedback is appreciated. Let us know in the comments.

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13 replies on “Open Testing: Stat Stacking”

  1. fourleaves

    I think these changes are good for the future of the game because they elevate player power, but. You should implement theses changes slowly because they will be the most powerful items in the game. If you add these items too fast, old items will be useless and people will quit.

  2. blake

    I like the changes to the number of heroes of oryx.

  3. Matters not

    Don’t think realm changes are the smartest thing to do since it need an entire rework, but at least it’s something!

  4. vkhsd

    relative stat boost sounds like an incredible idea, sort of like how defense correlates with your minimum damage for combat.

  5. Gavin

    The sentence about what does and doesn’t affect the relative stat boosts is worded in an extremely confusing way. I assume that it is just the temporary buffs which are not taken into account, but the wording also makes it look like equipment boosts could not be factored in as well. Also it doesn’t make sense that the Christmas reskin of the T6 lute would have a different stacking mode than the regular T6 lute.

  6. Tbolts

    I haven’t been able to get any of the stacking to work properly except for diminishing returns, with some testing i noticed that three items with “per-item no stacking” are not stacking. For example, If I use Cloak of Bloody Surprises, Centaur’s Shielding, and Collector’s Monocle, and then gain the Healing status effect from Honey; I’m only receiving the attack bonus from the Cloak of Bloody Surprises, resulting in only +25 attack when according to the “per-item no stacking” description, I should be receiving 49 altogether.


    Can you please fix Steam Achievements? I love the game and I also love steam achievements <3

  8. William Nguyen

    The addition of gear being dependent on other stats, as well as realm changes, seem like very good changes.

  9. A_FAN

    RotMG is a low friction game, with low barrier of entry.. well it was in the past..

    The main mistake you made when you transitioned from Flash to Unity is you removed the ability to play from browser..

    You added an artificial barrier of entry, and it removed your ability to easily refresh the pool of fresh players

    RotMG was always like that, it is not a game where you play for years, it is a game with that needs new players constantly to survive, it is designed that way, it is an online rogue like, it is not an online theme park MMORPG

    What you need to do ASAP is to add a web build, you are using Unity engine so it should be easy!

    You are already using the TCP model, so transitioning to WebSockets should be easy, you can even stick to TCP and have a websocket proxy in your backend

    If you are hiring i can help you, even though i don’t have any professional experience, programming is a hobby for me, but i’m pretty good at it

    If you are not hiring, then please focus on optimizations and start the work for being able to deploy a Web build

    It is the only way such game can survive, it is not a traditional desktop game

    We used to play using Flash Projector not because it is a web game, but because flash run poorly on the web, but now you got Unity, it should be smooth

    You can do it!

    Speaking of the Realms changes, i think they are great, reducing the time it takes to clear it is good, since it is a game where people play for few hours only on average

    Also adding a NPE/PPE mode would be a nice addition, no new servers needed, just an option when you create your character, with a separate leaderboard and daily rules (can use only specific class, complete X dungeon N times etc)

    Also one thing that could be nice, is player housing, a customizable Vault / Guild Vault

    There you could sell some cosmetics, instead of depending on selling P2W items (don’t forget to let people find cosmetics ingame so F2P players don’t complain)

    I got lot more of ideas, let me know if you want to hear more of that

  10. Alex Mitchell

    The realm speedup is a welcome and necessary change that I’m glad is finally being made. The stat stacking bugs finally being fixed is exciting and removes some powerful exploits such as using elemental equilibrium and seal of the battle god for permanent +150 attack.

    I would like to add that there are two more fairly significant changes that I think would benefit the game immensely.

    The first is circular hitboxes: Currently players have square hitboxes, this means that when a shot comes in at a diagonal relative to your character it can hit you a full 0.707 tiles distance from your characters center. For monsters this isn’t much of an issue, but for players this inconsistency where the character’s hitbox is 40% longer in some directions has no place especially as more advanced bullet-hell designs are implemented. If we used circular hitboxes with a radius of 0.5 this would address the issue, but it would also make the game easier, since hitboxes would end up smaller. To counter this the radius of the new circular hitboxes could be 0.56, which will make them have a nearly equivalent total area to the old hitboxes. Please please please consider making this change. Its something I have sought for years in this game.

    I posted a significantly older version of this idea on the subreddit several years ago:

    The second is damage based lootboost: Currently there is no reward for players that compete for the highest damage on bosses. They risk their players in far more dangerous situations, they wear harder to find gear, and they receive the same rewards for their efforts as those that run from the boss every chance they get. People who play far away from monsters should not be punished, but those that choose to go in and risk their characters should be rewarded. Since the server already stores the the total damage that every player deals to every monster, it could be a simple addition to make some form of loot modifier that scales up based upon the percentage contribution that every player had. This would reinforce a far more aggressive style of play, and it wouldn’t require a great deal of work. I think that this single change would constitute such a profound change in how many players play, since normally going in for damage is so secondary to survival, this change could shape the hearts of the community. Obviously the specific numbers should be left to someone more capable than I to balance, but I was imagining at best a 1% lootboost for every 2% of damage you dealt to an enemy/boss.

    Adding some sort of visual that could inform the % that you contributed on a boss would also be interesting, since competing with my friends is an incredibly fun way to play, but its only really possible in private o3’s since in general there is more than likely going to be a fully exalted wizard who will outclass us regardless of the class or boss we are fighting.

    I never thought I would sent a suggestion email like this because historically it did not seem like Wildshadow, Kabam, or even you Deca took feedback especially seriously. But with some of the amazing changes you all have made to the game recently, I figured I would try my best to get some of these changes implemented.

  11. Drew (Problybakd)

    I haven’t tried it yet but imo pre-item no-stacking mode seems like the most intuitive and fair option to me. Excellent changes all around and I love the idea of relative stat boosts. Been playing the game for about 3-4 months and have been having a great time keep it up

  12. these changes look very interesting

  13. Justin

    Do not change the stacking please. 10 attack plus 8 attack is good the way it is. Please no changes.

    The add %other stat as defence is amazing AF though. Be careful adding wisdom for wis mod characters though.

    That that defence on a robe class with high af wis would be amazing. Please do it.

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