Public Testing: Seasonal Characters and Leaderboards

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Another weekend, another time to test out new features. This time you will once again be able to test the Seasonal Characters and another small surprise (read below)!
You are wondering what Seasonal Characters are? No worries we got you covered with our previous news regarding them. Check them out here.
Questions about Steamworks and interested in how it looks? More things to read here. (Steamworks is not part of this Testing Session)

Bleed Cap Removal

With the rework of the Bleeding condition alongside the Warrior set, a maximum ‘bleed cap’ of 1% was added to all bosses and gods. This would prevent them from losing more than 1% of their maximum health per second, regardless of the number of applied Bleed Stacks. It was a step added to make sure that nobody was able to suddenly bleed Oryx to death through the new system, causing significant balance issues. However, it also meant that bleeding weapons used on lower-level bosses would do less damage. IE – a boss with only 900 HP would bleed a maximum of 9 points per second, while one with 90,000 hit by the same weapon could bleed for 900 per second.

As a result of reviewing the situation, the bleed cap for all entities has been removed. They will now default to 50% of their maximum life, which is a hard-coded value to prevent things from getting too out of hand.


Surprise! Let us introduce another new feature that will change the Event landscape in the near future. Leaderboards! Ever wondered who is the fastest in clearing a Dungeon? Well now is the time to find out. We will activate the first Leaderboard for Wetlands with this testing session. Try your best to beat the Heart of the Wetlands and be fast with it! In order to make this easier for you, we have placed portals to the dungeon in the Nexus.

Let us know what you think!

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