Public Testing – Steamworks Take 2

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Steamy Realmers!

Starting today until Monday 9AM CET, we will feature a new Public Testing session, in which you will be able to once again test our new endgame dungeon: The Steamworks.

The Steamworks is a new dungeon coming to Realm of the Mad God. Its Difficulty level is 8/10, which makes it a very difficult dungeon apt only for the well prepared.

Note: The content for this PT is work in progress. There are placeholders and unfinished art, and is not representative of the final content you will see on release. 

About the Steamworks

The Steamworks is a huge factory, well hidden from prying eyes thanks to the use of advanced technology.

The Steamworks is composed of several different rooms. Each of them has a different function and shape, but all of them have dangerous environmental hazards that will make you think twice before crossing them. In the Steamworks, the rooms themselves are part of the challenge. Learning how to navigate through them and make the best use of your class’ ability will prove to be a true challenge in itself.

What’s new in this Public Testing?

You can check the initial post here: Blog

and on the following PT we have a bunch of changes including:

  • New enemies: We have introduced smaller enemies to increase the variety of enemies in the dungeon.
  • New rooms: The dungeon generation now has a larger pool of rooms and hallways to choose from. Make sure to hop on testing so you can try them out!
  • Boss tweaks: You can also find that we made balancing tweaks to various phases of the boss and also implemented proper art for the boss room. We are also gradually implementing the animations.
  • New miniboss: Before entering the boss room, players will meet the new mini boss – the Kogbold Flying Machine. It acts like a “Marble Defender” type miniboss, holding any rushers up so groups can catch up!

Item changes

Since the last PT the items have had the following changes:

Laser Pointer

  • Stat rebalance.
    • The main damage is now done by the core projectile, not the outer spiral shot.
    • The range has been reduced.

Brain Cube

  • Stat rebalance
    • Overall stat polish.
    • The main health draining blast has a higher Wisdom modifier.
    • The extra explosions have a higher average damage.

Chain Dagger

  • Stat rebalance
    • Damage has been adjusted
    • Bleed damage has been improved.
      • We are looking to raise and/or remove the current caps on enemies taking bleed damage for a future release to make Bleed more competitive.
      • The caps were in place in case bleeding damage turned out to be overpowered, and we feel confident we can adjust or remove them by the time Steamworks is released.

Steam Pipe

  • The item no longer fires random shots.
    • Instead it fires two beams of steam, which form an arc at the end of the range.
  • Stat rebalance
    • Range increased
    • Damage scaled down to take the longer range and lack of random shots into account.

Amulet of Frenzy

  • Stat rebalance
    • The Defence debuff has been dropped to -6

Kogbold Cower Shield

  • Speedy time reduced, and cooldown increased.
  • Higher MP cost per use.
  • The item now has a Vitality bonus.
  • No longer uses random shots.

Kogbold Cower Shield Boost

  • This item is a variant of the Cower Shield which gives a flat stat boost of +10 speed when activated. It also adds a speed bonus when equipped.
  • This item is here to see if people prefer these bonuses to the speedy option on the main shield.

Sceptre of Rust

  • Stat rebalance
    • Overall stats boosted
    • Higher Wisdom scaling.
  • The item has also been balanced to put most of the damage onto the aoe.
    • This will cause it to hit more enemies with Weakness, while also dealing them damage.
    • As an aside we are also looking into rebalancing Weakness when affecting enemies in order to make it more of a desirable condition to inflict.
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