Public Testing – Steamworks

Development Update


This weekend you will be able to test our new endgame dungeon: The Steamworks, during our Public Testing session which will last till Monday (Oct 3rd, 9 AM CET)!

The Steamworks is a completely new dungeon coming to the Realm of the Mad God. Its Difficulty level is around 8/10, which makes it a very challenging dungeon, apt only for the well prepared. 

Note: The content for this PT is work in progress. There are placeholders and unfinished art, and is not representative of the final content you will see on release.


Long ago, before the reign of Oryx, before the gift of immortality was stolen from the heroes, Kobolds inhabited the realm. A race excelling in craftsmanship held back only by their tragically short lifespans, Kobolds were never truly able to reach their potential. In the Archives, they were thought extinct… until now.

Under the radar, a very tiny group of Kobolds survived for centuries. It is unknown how they did escape Oryx’s conquest, but they did. They thrived and perfected what would ultimately be the salvation of their race: true artificial, omniscient intelligence. It beared no fancy names, as the kobolds simply called it “the core”. But it was indeed a miracle of technology, and it changed their fate forever.

Kobolds evolved. Their fragile, weak flesh was reinforced by metal, their organs remade with brass and steel. Ideal to live forever. To work forever. The Core made its creators immortal, and then made them work for it. With time, this was their only truth, the Core was the supreme supervisor and them, reborn as “Kogbolds”, would play their part. The roadmap is already planned. There’s lots of work to do.

Efficiency. Unstoppable growth. The Core was determined to take the chance of learning more, assimilate more, control more. It was time to send an expeditionary force, conquer the realm and assimilate its resources.

Back to work!

About the Steamworks

The Steamworks is a huge factory, well hidden from prying eyes thanks to the use of advanced technology.

The Steamworks is composed of several different rooms. Each of them has a different function and shape, but all of them have dangerous environmental hazards that will make you think twice before crossing them. In the Steamworks, the rooms themselves are part of the challenge. Learning how to navigate through them and make the best use of your class’ ability will prove to be a true challenge in itself.


The Steamworks is brimming with activity! Kogbold workers of all kinds dwell in this noisy, sophisticated factory. There’s no time for distractions: the protocol mandates that any unidentified visitor must be treated as an intruder and “processed“ with the utmost diligence.

Dungeon boss

The Steamworks is diligently managed by the ultimate AI, known as the Factory Control Core.

Because it values efficiency the most, it won’t waste a single bit of energy on you unless forced to. Due to that, this boss has 3 different forms, as you manage to force it to recombine itself into stronger forms. 

This bossfight is a challenge we hope you will find compelling. Through several phases, the Core will try a variety of attack patterns for which all character classes can find diverse countermeasures.


The Steamworks is an exaltation dungeon, so you will get Exaltations by completing it. More information about this will be revealed at a later time.

Apart from it, of course, Steamworks will feature a variety of new items with it. 

*Note: Like everything else, items are work in progress and some of them will be changed or added at a later time. We have selected some of them for the PT. You will be able to find them in the Shop for your convenience.

Many of the new items have been forged by the Kogbolds to help them work, although they also double as weapons in a pinch.  The Chain Dagger, for example, can be ‘revved up’ by using your ability, granting a temporary dexterity buff, while the semi-sentient Brain Cube will continue to attack the selected area for a while after it has been activated.  Other items like the Steam Pipe and Cower Shield emit random blasts of steam when in use, covering small areas with scalding clouds that linger and continue to damage enemies.

Encounter fight

The Steamworks will be accessed in the realm through an Encounter miniboss. The expeditionary force sent to the realm by the Core is none other than… a train?

The Kogbold Express is a powerful entity engineered in the Steamworks, and it transports all the workers sent by the Core to the realm. It is an intense fight that will take place over train tracks which the Kogbold Express follows. Of course, this machine is packed with powerful artillery and can deploy Kogbolds and other surprises… so don’t let your ward down on it!

After defeat, the Kogbold Express will leave an open portal to the Steamworks.

About the release

The Steamworks will come later in the year. We are entering the balancing phases so all your feedback is welcome, we will read it very carefully.

For this PT, you can access The Steamworks through portals that will periodically spawn in the Nexus with direct access, both to the dungeon and the encounter.

We hope you like the Steamworks and have fun in the PT!

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