Open Testing: O3 training grounds!

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This weekend we are opening the gates of the Sanctuary and placing them in the Nexus (of the testing server) for you to practice your O3s. Why practice? Because next week, starting on Tuesday, the 11th, at 12 PM UTC, and until the 18th at the same time, you won’t need runes to enter the Sanctuary on production. 

Yes, a whole week of “free” O3s on production is coming. So start training now on the testing server. All you need to do is to select “Testing” from the upper right launcher menu. Remember: if you don’t have a Testing account you’ll need to create one. Your regular production account will not be of any use there.

Here’s a list of the changes you’ll see on the testing server:

  • Maxed stat should be displayed properly in all cases
  • Some stability and performance improvements
  • Removing Oryxmas event
  • Enemy Damage Text on NPC and XP Gain on user should appear correctly (Realm and dungeons) at all times.
  • Mana potion cannot be consumed while a player is under Quiet effect or when they use the ability
  • New Cosmetics

New Cloths:
Large Scrolling Suns Cloth
Small Scrolling Suns Cloth

Large Low Poly Cloth
Small Low Poly Cloth

Large Floating Clouds Cloth

Small Floating Clouds Cloth

Large Spinning Stars Cloth

Small Spinning Stars Cloth

Large Static Noise Cloth

Small Static Noise Cloth

Large Flying Lanterns Cloth

Small Flying Lanterns Cloth

Large New Year Dragon Cloth

Small New Year Dragon Cloth

New Skins:
Hanbok Priest Skin

Plum Blossom Sorcerer Skin

Invisible Bandit Assassin Skin

Lion Dance Warrior Skin

Kensei Zodiac Tiger Skin

Lil’ Yau Gok Pet Skin

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