Open Testing: Shatters and Lost Halls

Hello Realmers,

It is once again that time of the month. Well, it happens several times per month but… you get the point. It is time for another Testing Session! As always, jump into the game and play, don’t forget to report bugs and problems to us via Discord!… Read more “Open Testing: Shatters and Lost Halls”


An Oryxmas guide to Santa’s workshop

Ho ho ho, Realmers,

We noticed that many of you were wondering about the Santa’s Workshop, so we wanted to make it clear for you how to clear this dungeon. Also, we have some news to share:

  • Good news to all of you whose accounts are turning 7 this Oryxmas: you can now get the Veteran skins if your account was created before the 18th of January of 2015 (instead of the 14th of December of 2014).
Read more “An Oryxmas guide to Santa’s workshop”

A Blacksmith issue


Some days are easier than others for the Blacksmith. Still, there is not a day that goes by where she doesn’t remember her old mate Davy Jones and their glory days together. She even keeps an old stash of rum from those times and today her festive Oryxmas mood got the best of her, ending up in the unfortunate defacement of some blueprints that had the “Shatters” label.… Read more “A Blacksmith issue”