An Oryxmas guide to Santa’s workshop

Ho ho ho, Realmers,

We noticed that many of you were wondering about the Santa’s Workshop, so we wanted to make it clear for you how to clear this dungeon. Also, we have some news to share:

  • Good news to all of you whose accounts are turning 7 this Oryxmas: you can now get the Veteran skins if your account was created before the 18th of January of 2015 (instead of the 14th of December of 2014).
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Oryxmas is here and Kensei comes with it!

Ho ho ho, Realmers, 

Oryxmas is here! And we are bringing a lot of additional things with it. From our new class, the Kensei, to our new dungeon mods, you name it. It’s Oryx’s birthday so we are bringing a lot of new exciting things to RotMG like a new Shop, Veteran Skins, Skin Ranks, new Campaigns and Quests and more.… Read more “Oryxmas is here and Kensei comes with it!”


Patch – Long live Oryx

Hello Realmers,

Oryxmas is over. Long live Oryx. 2021 looks brighter than ever. This is a small update to have the Realm return to normal, make some Item Forge adjustments and fix some minor issues. Please remember that although the Oryxmas Campaign is over, you still have until Jan 14th (Thursday) at 12 PM UTC to claim all the rewards  that you have unlocked.… Read more “Patch – Long live Oryx”


Merry Xmas, Realmers!

Oh Oh Oh!

How are those preparations for the big night? We wanted to officially wish you a Merry Xmas with this amazing artwork from Saturn. This represents some of us here at Deca and the fact that it’s a rendition by a fellow member of the community fills us with pride, for this game would not exist without every single one of you.… Read more “Merry Xmas, Realmers!”


Hotfixes, Mysteries and Events

Oh oh oh Realmers,

It’s almost Oryxmas. For some, it’s Christmas. For others, Yule, or all the other festivities that are celebrated this time of the Year. For us.. It’s fixing time.

We’ve been working on the issues that came out the latest release,  and this patch comes to solve the following: 

  • You could not fully zoom out of the minimap
  • In O3 runs, if the three runes were not activated at the same time, the system that would return them to bags after a user tried to use them was not working.
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Oryxmas is here! – Patch Notes

Merry Oryxmas, Realmers!

The Oryxmas season is here in full force! In our largest update since MotMG, we’ve got a Santa’s bag worth of new content to share. The expansive and long-awaited Item Forge, enhanced consumable usage with Quick Slots, three completely remade dungeons, a brand new Cube God dungeon, new godlands foes, a festive campaign for the holiday season, and more still!… Read more “Oryxmas is here! – Patch Notes”


Get your chocolates here

Well, not quite. Sorry for the clickbait, don’t poke your screen. And this is also not about the cooking competition. We just wanted to show you the Advent Calendar for Oryxmas 2020.

Loot multipliers, Chest Events, The Grinch and the one you kept asking for: we are opening the Santuary from the 6th to the 12th of January.… Read more “Get your chocolates here”


Patch Hot(fixed) Friday News

Hello Realmers,

Like we promised before the team has been working on fixing some issues that resulted from our latest release. We also want to share the login calendar for December.

So let’s not keep you waiting. Here’s what you can expect from today’s patch:

  • Fixed a bug that caused crashes in the game client.
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