What’s Cookin’?

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Hello hungry Realmers,

Oryxmas is approaching and it’s time to feast! Have you ever wondered what’s in the Superburger? On the Power Pizza? And what exactly is contained in an Atomic Taco? What is the Oryx Cookie even made of? (And please don’t make jokes about Ambrosia…)

This time we are not talking about Item Forge. An unprecedented contest is here for you to show off your cooking skills! Just like playing a game, cooking requires creativity, planning, coordination and mechanical skill. 

For this contest, you will create a recipe for one of the Food Items in the game. Write down the steps and ingredients and take a photo of the finished dish along with a note containing your In-Game Name! After that, of course, you’d do well to share it with your friends and family…

The best cooks at DECA will be judging your entrées entries, with street food chef Fidelow as the head judge. Some criteria that will inform our decision will be:

  • Fidelity – does your dish resemble the in-game food?
  • Effort – if you take a photo of some grapes, you’re unlikely to be considered. If you make a grapes-shaped pastry, that is another matter entirely!
  • Cohesiveness – do the ingredients work well together?
  • Presentation – does the dish look as good as it should taste?

A comment with the words COOK-OFF has been created (on Reddit) where you can post your creations until 12/14, 16:00 UTC.

Soups, desserts, main dishes – everything is allowed, as long as it is based on an in-game Food item and is edible!

The rewards for the best home cooks, granted on 12/22, will be as follows:

  • First place: Cheesecake Rogue Skin + 2 x Energy Potato + 2500 gold
  • Second place: 2 x Energy Potato + 2000 gold
  • Third place: 1 x Energy Potato + 2000 gold
  • Fourth place: 1 x Mouthwatering Melon + 1000 gold

Oryx’s Kitchen is not only the tutorial dungeon. Let’s get cooking, Realmers!

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