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Hello Realmers,

Hoping that the AMA session we had yesterday was useful. Please remember to follow our instagram account @Rotmg_exalt. There are certain things we are only going to share with you there. 

Here’s what you may find on today’s Public Testing session:

  • Item Forge
  • The Blacksmith
  • The interface
  • Crafting items
  • Fireforge
  • Blueprints
  • Oryxmas campaign
  • Jack Frost
  • Reconstructed Dungeons
  • New Third Dimension Dungeon by Aurum (don’t miss the post about this one on Monday)…
  • …and more!

What is Item Forge?

Item Forge is the new system that will allow you to “dismantle” your items and trade them for other, more useful ones. Although this is the main purpose of Item Forge, you will soon find its applications can extend far beyond!

The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith is the new character that will open the Item Forge. She will be located in the Vault (yes, not Nexus, nor Daily Quest Room). 

This mysterious, tough-looking girl seems to have been an old pal of Davy Jones back in the “good ol’times”. She decided to get out of her self-imposed retirement and back to her legendary-artifact-forging business when Oryx’s Sanctuary was opened, for reasons only she knows. 

There are a lot of unknowns about her age, procedence or involvement with the events of the past, but what’s important is that, in her own words, “Ain’t no one better with the hammah than me!

The interface

Item Forge’s interface is divided into two main parts: the Craft panel and the Dismantle panel.

In the Dismantle panel, you can select as many items as you want to dismantle. It’s important that you take your time when picking which items you want to dismantle as you will lose those items forever after confirming the crafting operation. To make things easy, all selectable items from your inventory/vault are shown here, you don’t need to carry them.

The other part of the screen is the Craft panel. Here, you pick which item you want to craft. Initially, you will have a fair amount of items (about 30) of all levels of power to choose, but this list can be expanded even more if you find Blueprints by playing in the Realm or Dungeons, allowing you to craft even more items.

So, to craft an item, you select any number of items you want to dismantle, and the item you want to craft with them. However, there is a catch: the item you want to craft has requirements you have to meet by selecting adequate dismantled items.

Crafting items

Not all items are equally easy to craft. The higher its power, the more strict are its requirements.

The most important requirement to craft an item is the materials it requires.

All dismantle-able items have a certain value in “materials”. There are three types of materials: Common, Rare and Legendary. The rarer the item, the rarer the materials they provide (and in higher quantity).

In the tooltip description of the item, you will see the quantity and rarity of the materials provided by an item.

It’s important to note that materials are not stored anywhere. When you select items to dismantle, it’s the sum of values for each rarity what counts. 

For example, if you want to craft a Candy Ring (requires 40 Common materials) we decide to dismantle our Cloak of the Planewalker (20 Common) and our Ring of Divine Faith (20 Common).

Be reminded that the values that an item provides when dismantling are different to what it requires to be crafted.

Occasionally, you can also find ores. They are items that are specifically intended for crafting, and they can replace a good amount of certain materials and rarities, so you don’t have to sacrifice your own items. However, ores are not that easy to find and only one can be used per crafting.

Lastly, certain items are particularly picky. They might or might not be expensive in material requirements, but they might require certain items to be dismantled. Marks will sometimes be required to craft these particular items, and they are usually related to the origins of the item itself. 


Every forge needs a fire. This is not an exception, as the Item Forge uses a magical source of combustible goodness to craft all kinds of awesome artifacts.

However, the fires need to rest after intensive use. That’s why each item you craft will consume a certain amount of Forgefire points from the forge.

You can always see how many Forgefire points you have in the top right corner of the Item Forge window.

Also, each item in the Craft panel will display the amount of Forgefire points consumed if you craft it.

If the amount of Forgefire points is too low, you won’t be able to craft the item.

However, you just need to give it a rest! For Public Testing and Oryxmas, you will recharge 400 Forgefire points everyday, when you login into the game. They can be also accumulated up to a maximum of 1600 Forgefire points.

If you cannot wait, though, a new type of consumables called Sulphurs can also be obtained which will add extra Forgefire points immediately.


Blueprints are consumable items that can be used to learn new recipes on the Item Forge. Once used, you will expand your collection of craft-able items!

Blueprints come in different rarities: the rarer the blueprint, the rarer the items it will teach you. Most Blueprints can be dropped by enemies in the realm and dungeons, but some of them can be acquired through other means like seasonal Campaigns.

As an additional bonus, if you get a Blueprint with recipes which you already have learned, there’s a second use for them: if you dismantle Blueprints in the Item Forge, they will reduce the Forgefire cost of the craft. 

Oryxmas campaign

  • Another Special campaign is here with 20 tiers of rewards
  • Defeat dungeon Bosses and Encounters to collect Blue, Red and Yellow Scarf Tokens
  • Consume the tokens to progress in the Oryxmas Campaign.

Main Campaign Rewards

  • Blueprints: Collect these to expand the Item Forge collection
  • Oryxmas Mystery gifts: A gift with lot of goodies inside
  • Santa’s Arsenal Tokens: Take this token to the Tinkerer to get a new Oryxmas weapon of choice
  • Oryxmas Ornaments: Collect all three Rings from the campaign and exchange them for the Ornaments of Unity
  • Christmas Pet Food
  • Santa’s Workshop Keys: These keys will grant you access to Santa’s Workshop, a dungeon with no dangers but plenty of good rewards to go around.Try collecting as much rewards as possible before the time runs out
  • New Pet skin
  • 16×16 Player Skin

Jack Frost

He is a special Oryxmas encounter which players can build themselves. In the Godlands you will encounter Snow Gods, trusty minions of Jack Frost. Snow Gods will have a chance to drop the body parts of Jackfrost.Collect them and spawn Jack Frost. Once defeated, he will disassemble back to his primitive parts – hat, eyes and carrot nose. Destroy those and you will have a chance to get the New Oryxmas weapons and some Oryxmas campaign tokens, the latter is guaranteed.

How to spawn Jack Frost:

  • Collect Coal, Carrot, Top hat and Snow body by defeating Jack Frost
  • Consuming the Snow body by double clicking will generate Jack Frost’s body somewhere in the Mountain Region .
  • Find the light blue dot on map to locate Jack Frosts body
  • Consume the Coal, Carrot and Top hat to bring Jack Frost to live
  • Based on the body parts used, Jack Frost will have different levels of difficulty
  • The higher the difficulty, the bigger the chance of dropping Oryxmas weapons and better tokens


  • When Jack Frost is defeated, he will drop the Body parts which were used to build him
  • After defeating these body parts it will drop campaign tokens and have a chance of dropping one of the New Oryxmas weapons

Please note 

  • The last skin in the campaign will be a surprise. The one you’ll see is just a placeholder. Also, bonus points throughout all tiers have mock values. They do not correspond to the actual values. 
  • Known issue: Blueprints appear incorrectly as tiered potions in some panels.
  • On the upcoming Item Forge release, only a subset of UTs are allowed in the Forge, either to be crafted, dismantled, or both. So certain items won’t ever appear or may appear at a later release. The “special versions” of items are usually only dismantle-able.

Bug Reporting

So, what to do if you find a bug? We’ve created a comment with the words “Bug Report” on Reddit and RealmEye. Please reply to it with some information: 

  • Time (When did it happen?)
  • Bug description
  • Steps to reproduce the issue
  • Video or screenshot (mandatory)
  • If regarding some settings like graphics or performance, please do list out your correspondent current game settings from options menu.

AMA Session

And now for the part where we answer a couple more questions that remained unanswered from our AMA session yesterday. If you don’t find your question here, please take into consideration that one of the following might have happened: 

  • Your question may have already been answered through another one question. Even if not phrased in the exact way
  • Your question may not comply with the rules set on the announcement post
  • Your question may have been asked after we stopped taking more questions And your question may have simply not been answered yet.

Questions & Answers:


Q: Is there any plans on developing a console version? Or at least thought about? I feel like it would really open up the community more.
A: No. The investment (time and money) needed to accomplish this would take us off the path we set to develop and make the game more enjoyable to play. However we should never say never.


Q: Are you planning to readjust the difficulty/frequency of status effects in existing dungeons now that group puri is removed?
A: We already did this with the release of the Vital Combat update, but we may still review further instances of egregious effects.


Q: Can you guys please think about Latin America players? My very first thinking it’s about gold value, try to adjust with the country currency, second thinking it’s about support, I know a lot of players that had various issues in and out game that they can’t or don’t know how to open a ticket or something because of language troubles, my suggestion would be to add more language options at Deca website atleast.
A: Oi Gregório. Claro que pensamos nos nossos realmers da América do Sul ;).(Translation: Hi Gregorio, of course we think about our South American realmers).  We will take into account your input about localization.  Thank you.


Q: What do you plan after reworking all dungeons/ the whole realm?
A: We have a vision for Realm, and the reworks are a very important part of that. We really want to keep striving for that vision, and for sure, that will also imply new exciting stuff is to come (including brand new systems!)


Q: Will there be any rewards like the veteran of 2017 for older players, especially those with accounts over 7yrs? Maybe a bonus something every year anniversary for the account?
A: It is being discussed 😉 But there is a very big probability that yes, there will. 

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