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Development Update

A little while back, we revealed that our efforts to remake some of the game’s most outdated content would continue beyond MotMG, with our next batch focusing on The Crawling Depths, Woodland Labyrinth, Deadwater Docks, Sprite World, and Toxic Sewers. Three of these are drawing near to their release! These are The Crawling Depths, Woodland Labyrinth, and Toxic Sewers. As an added bonus, we’ve also made some expansions to the godlands, which you’ll see shortly.

The Crawling Depths

Since the Kabam-era epic dungeons directly reused most assets from their original counterparts, The Crawling Depths… did not hold up particularly well when the Spider Den leap-frogged it. The new Crawling Depths takes an appropriately “epic” upgrade from the original, expanding on the Spider Den’s dirt den and becoming a rough, unwelcoming den of stone.

You’ll see some familiar mechanics return from the reworked Spider Den, such as webbed floors slowing you down and colored eggs capable of hatching different spider types. However, in addition to the existing enemies being reworked to be more engaging and unique, five brand new massive spiders have made their way onto the scene! Compared to the “glass cannon” style of the basic spiders, these brutes demand your respect and attention when spotted. Combined with the larger room sizes and sprawling webs, we feel this dungeon has become one of the most challenging and nerve-wracking to rush. Better think on your feet if you just want to dart to the boss!

The Son of Arachna has, of course, received a great deal of work as well. We won’t spoil it all quite yet, but here’s what you can expect very soon:

  • Proper phase progression, with one egg being destroyed per phase and the Son of Arachna progressing through multiple attack and behavior states.
  • Each egg not only granting the boss an extra attack (which is used differently in each state and has loads of possible combinations!), but also an extra effect: Green = Speedy (x1.5 movement speed), Blue = Energized (occasionally spawns large minions), Red = Damaging (all attacks armor pierce), and Silver = Armored. Think of it as the Lair of Draconis in reverse!
  • Web spokes playing a dynamic role in the fight, alternating from their basic slowing web into beams, directed attacks, and other unique combinations to make each phase distinct.
  • None of this.
A few rooms in, the Crawling Stalker Spider makes an entrance.
Most rooms are large enough that avoiding confrontation is often wise, and being stealthy around the eggs can save your skin.
A Crawling Goliath Spider stomps in, dishing out punishment for not planning around the slowing webs. The anonymous editor chose not to show what happened two seconds after those eggs broke.

Woodland Labyrinth

The epic Forest Maze has gone from derivative to dashing with this autumn makeover! As we head into December, take one last gasp of fall with the crisp leaves and warm colors of the remade Woodland Labyrinth! The sights may be soothing, but the updated goblins and squirrels within would really rather you take a hike elsewhere.

The infamous turrets have changed too, now having a growing wind-up to their attacks and using slower, varied patterns instead of nearly unavoidable zaps. They may be small now, but those saplings will grow up to sprout legs and terrorize the mountains someday!

The Woodland Labyrinth’s three-part boss now has some behavior variety to back up its metamorphosis, too. Each of the three phases has two different modes it can shuffle between, as well as a special one-time attack per phase that you’ll really want to watch out for. You’ll also notice that minions are present throughout the fight as well, and will upgrade to the level of their master as the battle continues.

All three forms of the Murderous Megamoth’s minions back it up in the final assault.
Even the Swarm Tree is no slouch anymore!
Have you tried throwing a leaf?

Toxic Sewers

The Toxic Sewers has always been among the tougher godlands dungeons, and the tight spaces could be very punishing to unmaxed characters looking for some defense. A big emphasis has been placed on giving you room to maneuver through this dungeon and avoid the sickening sludge more reliably. With most enemies becoming less instantly aggressive, unmaxed characters should have a much more approachable way to farm some defense potions so long as you play with caution.

You’ll even see some uses of acceleration projectiles in this dungeon, continuing from what was introduced in High Tech Terror! Not just by dungeon monsters and the reworked Gulpord, but from the Master Rat! Trivia night was cancelled after poor attendance for four years straight, and now he’s ready to test you in combat. Can you prove your mettle to the master?

The extra wide hallways make the whole dungeon map a seamless tunnel.
Just don’t think too hard about the brown slimes. Or the yellow ones.
Sometimes you’ll even face strong currents to push you around!


Updates to the mountains is something we’ve wanted to do for a while, but we felt there was no better time to finally begin than with the changes being made to epic dungeons (and their difficulty). The enemy designs of the gods we all know are untouched, rest assured. Instead, the core changes to this biome are as follows:

  • Updated the sprites (and projectiles) of all godlands enemies.
  • Updated the rock sprite to have many variants, as well as small crystal formations and dead trees. Note that later down the line we do plan to more broadly overhaul the art of the realm, but focused mostly on objects for now.
  • Added lucky variants of every god, which now spawn uncommonly and repeatedly instead of being once-per-realm at the very beginning with a quest marker. These lucky gods aren’t just copies with buffed stats either! Each one is a remix of the original god in one way or another, so watch out for those gold shots! Each lucky god has a guaranteed potion drop as well as a guaranteed drop of their respective dungeons.
  • The Lucky Ent God and Lucky Djinn no longer drop the Woodland Labyrinth and Crawling Depths, now matching the dungeon drops of their normal counterparts.
  • Two brand new enemies have been added, with approximately the rarity of a Headless Horseman: The Sting Spider and the Great Owl. These two slightly more complex enemies are the new drop locations of The Crawling Depths and Woodland Labyrinth respectively, and are not limited to once-per-realm. You can farm them alone at any point in the realm if you want, but you may still want to call them out for some allies due to their new difficulty. 😉
  • The Haunted Cemetery is now a guaranteed drop from the Headless Horseman.
  • The Mysterious Crystal’s damage threshold has been increased to better suit modern DPS. The health bar now accurately represents the damage needed to crack it as well.
  • The Crystal Prisoner fight has been reworked, now with less weak spam and more coordination from the steeds.

It’s been a long time since this part of the game received any major, non-seasonal updates, so we hope the region feels appropriately freshened up while still feeling true to the iconic godlands experience.

Take a peek at a few of the new god sprites!
The Sting Spider and Great Owl join the gang! That snowman may bring back a few memories for some, too.
Take a quick look at one of the lucky gods, this time the remixed Lucky Djinn.

The team hopes you’ve enjoyed this teaser! We’re super excited for you to get your hands on all this and more very soon, so stay tuned.

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