An Oryxmas guide to Santa’s workshop

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Ho ho ho, Realmers,

We noticed that many of you were wondering about the Santa’s Workshop, so we wanted to make it clear for you how to clear this dungeon. Also, we have some news to share:

  • Good news to all of you whose accounts are turning 7 this Oryxmas: you can now get the Veteran skins if your account was created before the 18th of January of 2015 (instead of the 14th of December of 2014).
  • The Graceful Kensei skin that was being sold on the shop for 2400g is now priced at 1500g (The tier will also be corrected with the next release). Everyone that bought it from the shop was already refunded.
  • And last but not least, we would like to remind you that the Customer Support team does not transfer items or progresses between accounts. 

Now, for that Santa’s Workshop guide:

Santa’s Workshop Key can only be opened in a Vault since it is a solo dungeon. Once in the dungeon, you will have 120 seconds to clear as many sections with presents as possible. 

Things to note:

  • In order to activate the starting room, make sure to wait next to the Christmas Card until it becomes green.
  • You will then have to kill a few gifts hidden around in order to open the First Gift Section 
  • From this point, you will have 120 seconds to open all 3 Gift Sections 
  • The Second Gift Section will open only after you clear all gifts from the First section 
  • The Third Gift Section will open only after you clear all gifts from the Second section
  • The Third Section completion only happens when you kill an entity called “Suspiciously Large Present”. This present is located at the beginning of the 3rd Gift section and looks like the white/blue gift in the screenshot below, make sure to kill it in order to have a dungeon completion.
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One reply on “An Oryxmas guide to Santa’s workshop”

  1. Twisted Code

    what’s the best class for Santa’s Workshop anyway? I’m inclined to say a glass cannon class like wizard or sorcerer, since there is nothing attacking you, right? The wizard has more projectiles but Sorcerer can pierce and ability is, as usual, good for cleanup.

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