Oryxmas is here and Kensei comes with it!

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Ho ho ho, Realmers, 

Oryxmas is here! And we are bringing a lot of additional things with it. From our new class, the Kensei, to our new dungeon mods, you name it. It’s Oryx’s birthday so we are bringing a lot of new exciting things to RotMG like a new Shop, Veteran Skins, Skin Ranks, new Campaigns and Quests and more. You also don’t want to miss out on our three Free Packs! So let’s start off this festive season with our new class.

The Kensei

In a temple deep in the Mountains, a school of disciples of the Samurai has been pursuing a path of grace and power. They perform elaborate rituals of war and spirituality, imbuing the Sheaths that house their honed blades with peculiar magic and enhancing both their prowess and their essence as warriors. Each student crafts their Sheath over years of training and journey, making it as much a part of themselves as their blade is. After years of arduous training, a select few of the school can claim the title of Kensei, Sword Saint. Each of them a legend in their own right, these warriors have perfected the art of the blade to a previously unthought-of extent. Thus a Kensei’s power lies between their immaculate control, their sage philosophy, and their magically empowered weapons. They now emerge from their hidden monastery on a quest for honor and justice.


Kensei is the 18th class in the game. He dashes and slashes enemies at close range to bolster his combat effectiveness.

In comparison to other classes, it’s riskier but more rewarding! 

The Kensei uses the following gear:

  • Weapon: Katana
  • Ability: Sheath
  • Armor: Heavy
  • Any Accessory or Ring

Unique Ability – Sheath 

To better understand the ability, we will separate it into four sections:

Channeling time + Dash Mode

Channeling is a short cast that Kensei has to complete successfully before he is allowed to dash.

The Sheath ability lets you perform a small channel, after which you enter Dash Mode. During this mode, you can dash X amount of times or it expires in Y seconds.


The trail is a unique quirk of the Kensei that will do both damage and increase his stats. While he dashes, Kensei spawns a line of particles behind him that deals damage to all enemies hit.


Is a new form of stat-buff we are introducing for Kensei. You will dynamically get a buff to your Attack (or any other stat), based on the number of enemies you hit with your trail (it’s addictive, but capped at 5). E.g. 5/15/30/50/75 % for 1/2/3/4/5 enemies hit.


At the end of the dash, Kensei will emit a projectile in the corresponding direction.

How to Unlock 

The unlock requirements are Trickster and Ninja at level 20.


Tiered Sheaths Showcase

T0: Slashing Sheath
T1: Timber Sheath
T2: Vineland Sheath
T3: Haze Sheath
T4: Ichor Sheath
T5: Serpentine Sheath
T6: Great Shinobi Sheath
T7: Sonic Wave Sheath

UT Sheaths Showcase

Volcanic Sheath

Drops from Abyss of Demons after defeating Malphas


Drops from Mountain Temple after defeating Daichi

Labyrinth Dweller’s Sheath

Drops from Woodland Labyrinth after beating the Swarm Tree

Quartermaster Scabbard

Drops from Davy Jones’ Locker after beating the owner of the locker himself

Irradiance Sheath 

Drops from Crystal Cavern after beating Crystallised Cyclops, Crystallised Lizard, Crystallised Fish, Crystallised Scorpion, or Crystallised Monstrosity

Please note that they also drop from Quest Chests

Tidal Wave Kensei Set (ST Set) Showcase

Dungeon Mods 

We keep making changes to Dungeon Mods! This time we have reworked our existing systems a little bit, trying to improve on the performance and several other “behind-the-curtains” aspects. Also, we have included a bunch of new Dungeon Mods we’d like to present to you! 

Changes on existing Dungeon Modifiers 

  • We have adjusted “Bis”. It now has a 50% chance of dropping the portal to the same dungeon. 
  • Introduced the new bias for Dungeons spawned in the Realm. See info below. 
  • We have decided to remove ‘Battle for the Nexus’ from the dungeons that can apply Dungeon Modifiers. Keys for this Dungeon will work as usual but they won’t be able to be refined.

Dungeon Modifiers in the Realm 

  • As you know, almost all dungeons you can find in the Realm have a chance of spawning with Dungeon Mods. 
  • We have increased the chance of spawning with a higher Grade. This means that you will see that, on average, the Grade of the dungeons you get is higher than what it was. The harder the dungeon, the more noticeable this effect is. 
  • Particularly, dungeons that spawn once-per-realm will be affected by this more noticeably.  
  • These dungeons can spawn with Dungeon Mods 75% of the time 
  • Also, regardless of the Grade they spawn, they will tend to have “better” Dungeon Mods 
  • Keys are not affected by this “positive bias”. They can be rolled normally and the chances of re-rolling Dungeon Mods are the same as always. This change only affects dungeons spawned in the Realm. 
Easy Mid Advanced Hard 
Pirate Cave Forest Maze Spider Den Forbidden Jungle The Hive Sprite World Snake Pit Magic Woods Cave of A Thousand Treasures Ancient Ruins Candyland Hunting Grounds Undead Lair Manor of the Immortals Mad Lab Abyss of Demons Puppet Master’s Theatre Toxic Sewers Cursed Library Haunted Cemetery Davy Jones’ Locker The Machine The Third Dimension The Crawling Depths Ice Cave Alien dungeons Woodland Labyrinth Ocean Trench Mountain Temple Parasite Chambers Deadwater Docks Cnidarian Reef Lair of Draconis Belladonna’s Garden Tomb of the Ancients Ice Tomb Secluded Thicket Heroic dungeons The Shatters Fungal Cavern The Nest Lost Halls 
Dungeon type No Dungeon Mods D Grade C Grade B Grade A Grade S Grade 
Easy 50% 20% 15% 5% 5% 5% 
Mid 40% 10% 25% 15% 5% 5% 
Advanced 30% 5% 10% 25% 20% 10% 
Hard 20% 5% 10% 15% 30% 20% 

New Dungeon Modifiers 

We are closely listening to your feedback. You have also proposed awesome ideas and tweakings to existing Dungeon Mods, some of which inspired several of the Dungeon Mods you will see below. As always, the Design team is very happy and we want to thank you for your suggestions. All in all, we are trying to improve the system so we can have more gameplay-affecting Dungeon Mods and better rewarding Dungeon Mods. This batch is, we think, a step towards that direction. We’ll be waiting for your feedback! 

New reward Dungeon Mods 

  • These Dungeon Mods can appear only in certain Grades and could also be restricted to dungeons of a certain difficulty threshold. 
  • These Dungeon Mods give the players some kind of reward. 
 Dungeon Mod Description Dungeon Grade Dungeon restrictions 
 Key Fairy I, II, III Upon killing the boss, a Key Fairy has a chance (20/33/50%) to spawn. The Key Fairy will drop 1 Mystery Key!  · Rare Keys will drop in Easy dungeons. · Epic Mystery Keys will drop in Mid and Advanced dungeons. · Legendary Mystery Keys will drop in Hard dungeons. B, A, S Grade Any dungeon 
 Mystery Skins Upon killing the boss, a Mystery Skin token will have a chance to drop. Collect 40 to receive a Mystery Skin consumable. The chance varies on the dungeon. S Grade Mid and above 
 Skin Hunter I & II Boss enemies that can drop pet and player skins have better drop rates (x2/x3) applied. A, S Grade Any dungeon 
 Nildrops Boss enemies drop a Nildrop on defeat. The quality depends on the dungeon. D Grade Any dungeon 
 Bonus Consumables Bosses will drop additional consumables belonging to the dungeon upon defeat. Bosses that do not have unique consumables will drop additional HTealth Potions instead. D Grade Any dungeon 
 Mystery Effusion Boss will drop a Tincture or Effusion on defeat.  C Grade Any dungeon 
 Exalted Banner I & II Chance (15%/33%) for an additional completion when you finish the dungeon. A, S Grade Exaltations Dungeons 

Gameplay-affecting Dungeon Mods 

  • We want to start making Dungeon Mods that affect the gameplay in a more tangible way than just enemy stats. 
  • These Dungeon Mods take some effort to implement and test carefully, so we need to deliver them in small batches. We will be listening to your feedback on them and they may endure adjustments! 
 Dungeon Mod Description Dungeon Grade Dungeon restrictions 
 Found Treasure! I & II Treasure rooms will reveal themselves at the start of the dungeon if they exist. “Found Treasure! II” will also increase the drop rate of UTs and STs in those Treasure rooms by x1.25 A, S Grade Any dungeon that can have TRooms 
 Heroic Regeneration Enemies will have a chance to drop Heroic Orbs on death, that grant Healing or Energized. C Grade Any dungeon 
 Spider Swarm Enemies have a chance to split into multiple spiders that drop ichors on death. C, B Grade Any dungeon 
 Alexander’s Legacy I, II, III & IV Thessal has an additional chance (25%/50%/75%/100%) of becoming wounded upon defeat. C, B, A, S Grade Ocean Trench 
 Crab Rave The Calamity Crab is replaced with (4/6) mini-Calamity Crabs. A, S Grade Deadwater Docks 
 Haunted Halls Additional chance for each room to contain a Spectral Sentry B, A, S Grade Lost Halls 
 Lingering Magi The castle starts with one Magi Generator already active. A Grade The Shatters 

The Wanderer 

 Dungeon Mod Description Dungeon Grade Dungeon restrictions 
 The Wanderer An unknown foe will appear after the Boss is defeated with its own loot table. S Grade Any dungeon 

We present you with a new challenger from unknown lands: she’s The Wanderer, a new optional miniboss. She will only appear in any S Grade dungeons that get ‘The Wanderer’ Dungeon Mod. After you defeat the boss, The Wanderer will pop through a portal and challenge you instead of her original target, which you defeated. The duel will be intense, but fair. The Wanderer will adapt her abilities to the dungeon you are in. In Hard dungeons, she will try her best to duel you. If you win, her loot will be yours (but it’ll also depend on how difficult the dungeon you are in is). 


The rarity, quantity, and probabilities depending on the difficulty of the dungeon you are in. 

  • Weapons (Easy: T8-10) / (Mid: T10-12) / (Hard: T11-13) 
  • Abilities (Easy: T3-4) / (Mid: T5-6) / (Hard: T5-6) 
  • Armors (Easy: T9-T11) / (Mid: T11-13) / (Hard: T12-14) 
  • Rings (Easy: T3-4) / (Mid: T4-5) / (Hard: T4-5) 
  • Mystery Keys 
  • Mystery Dyes & Cloths 
  • Potions & Utility consumables 

New Shop

We renovated the Shop and added a new tab just for Skins! On the Deals tab you will be able to see all of the best promotions we have prepared for you. On the Skins tab you will find a selection of skins that will be available for individual purchase. You can switch between Character Skins and Pet skins by clicking on the toggle on the top-left corner:

You can filter by class or see all using the top row, under the two tabs in Shop:

You can also filter by Skin Rank using the buttons on the left, under toggle:

Skins Ranks – new and smoother animations

Since we migrated the game to Unity we’ve been wanting to improve the overall look of the game and now we have prepared some changes for you guys. First and foremost, you have new default skins for each of the classes. The old default skins will now be called Classic Skins and will be available for free in the Wardrobe and Character Creation screen. 

Second, we have introduced Ranks for skins::

The skins that have been so far in the game will fall in either Basic, Greater, Superior or Paramount Ranks. The big news is that we have added the possibility to have more frames on animations, optional animations for the same animation (example: have more than one attack animation), and idle animation! New skins that will have this feature will either fall into Paramount or Exalted ranks. 

Our goal is to eventually rank all skins and make the old skins (that used to be available only in the Legacy Boxes), available in the Shop. For now you will be able to find a collection of around 400 character skins and 200 Pet Skins in the Shop. 

New Skins distribution 

Based on the new Skins ranks we have adjusted the prices of skins and we hope there will be something for everyone. If you want early access to a skin, you will be able to get them through the box promotion, through the new skins quest or for their release price as an individual acquisition. This price will drop after 4 weeks. Here is what you can expect:

RankRelease price28 days after releaseQuests Requirements
Basic Skin800 Gold640 Gold2 x 20 Crystals of Extreme Fortune
Greater Skin1500 Gold1200 Gold3 x 20 Crystals of Extreme Fortune
Superior Skin2400 Gold2000 Gold4 x 20 Crystals of Extreme Fortune
Paramount Skin3000 Gold2600 Gold5 x 20 Crystals of Extreme Fortune
Exalted Skin4200 Gold3600 Gold7 x 20 Crystals of Extreme Fortune

Quests for new skins will be available from their release day and up to 4 weeks.

As for Crystals of Fortune, we are not getting rid of them just yet. During the Oryxmas event, when we have a box promotion in the shop involving older skins it will be accompanying quests that will last the same duration as the promotional box. This should allow you to exchange Crystals of Fortune for a Skin that is in the box. The amount of Crystals would again be dependent on the rank of the skin.

Something to keep in mind is that this may be the last time Crystals of Fortune will be used in this manner as we want to have Crystals of Extreme Fortune to become the only variant of Crystals that is used to exchange for skins. The future of Crystals of Fortune is currently on the table and while we do have an idea on how we want to transform their usefulness we are open to your feedback and ideas on this.

In this release, we wanted to get the most out of the new animation features, therefore you might not have as many new low tier skins. Rest assured that it is in our plans for the future to have more Basic and Greater skins.

New Skins added to the game

  1. Exalted Kensei Skin
  2. Antinomy Kensei Skin
  3. Emergent Sage Kensei Skin
  4. Construction Kensei Skin
  5. Oryxmas Kensei Skin
  6. Slime Kensei Skin
  7. Stone Kensei Skin
  8. Veteran Kensei Skin
  9. Graceful Kensei Skin
  10. Dahlia Flower Kensei Skin
  11. Pearl Moon Kensei Skin
  12. Supermodel of Swordsmanship Kensei Skin
  13. Rain Flower Kensei Skin
  14. Oryxmas Treeckster Skin
  15. Cozy Blanket Sorcerer Skin
  16. Lady Ginger Archer Skin
  17. Oryxmas Caroler Bard Skin
  18. Honourable Shiba Kensei Skin
  19. Searing Itinerant Kensei Skin
  20. Bunny Attendant Kensei Skin
  21. Ice Skater Kensei Skin
  22. Ice King Knight Skin
  23. Grandma Necromancer Skin
  24. Grandpa Paladin Skin
  25. Demon Mistress Pet Skin
  26. Ice Skating Penguin Pet Skin
  27. Oryxmas Tanuki Pet Skin
  28. Festive Sprite Pet Skin
  29. Gift-wrapped Box Pet Skin
  30. Oryxmas Shiba Pet Skin
  31. The Giving One Priest Skin
  32. Ice Queen Summoner Skin
  33. Ugly Oryxmas Sweater Warrior Skin
  34. Mini Tidal Wave Kensei Skin

Wardrobe and new Customization Panel

Try your skins in the Wardrobe and customize your character with the new animated textiles for the most unique look. You will find a new button under your character’s thumbnail. Click on it to open the customization panel.  

You will be able to preview your character’s look and try as many outfits as you want (from different dyes to textiles). On the right side, you will find accessories and on the left side of the panel, you can pick your clothes. The price is displayed under the two squares under your character’s thumbnail in the customization panel. Press the Buy button to instantly change your character’s appearance.

If you want to remove them look for the Clothing Dye Remover and Accessories Dye Remover in the list.

More animated clothes and accessories will be released in the future, for now, you will be able to see small and large versions of: 

  1. Falling Snowflakes Cloth
  2. Rain Cloth
  3. Ahead Cloth
  4. Hypnotic Cloth
  5. Barber Pole Cloth
  6. Tie Dye Cloth
  7. Galactic Cloth
  8. Snowflake Vortex Cloth

Some players might experience some issues accessing this window.


We prepared two campaigns this Oryxmas season! The first one, Slashing through the Snow, starts today and will see the lightning fast arrival of the skilled Kensei, and introduce his abilities – as well as get the festive mood going with a set of Ornaments. Slashing through the snow will end on December 28, 12 PM UTC but will have a Grace period until December 31, 12 PM UTC during which you can claim rewards, but not points.

The second campaign, called States of Water, starts on December 31, 12 PM UTC and will let you ruminate on the contrast between the gentle Oryxmas snowfall and the roaring arrival of the Tidal Wave Kensei. Aside from the ST set, you can grab its associated Mini Tidal Wave Kensei Skin. Tiered and untiered Winter weapons will also be under the Oryxmas tree, as well as a small and friendly pet. States of Water will end on January 15, 12 PM UTC but will have a Grace period until January 18, 12 PM UTC during which you can claim rewards, but not points.

And here is how and where you will be getting Campaign points:

Forest Maze120% chance for Gingerbread Cookie
Pirate Cave120% chance for Gingerbread Cookie
Spider Den120% chance for Gingerbread Cookie
Forbidden Jungle120% chance for Gingerbread Cookie
The Hive120% chance for Gingerbread Cookie
Snowy the Frost God20Evergreen Branch
Permafrost Lord20Evergreen Branch
Snake Pit25Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie
Sprite World25Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie
Ancient Ruins25Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie
Magic Woods25Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie
Jade Statue25Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie
Undead Lair30Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie x2
Candyland Hunting Grounds30Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie x2
Cursed Library30Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie x2
Manor of the Immortals30Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie x2
Puppet Master’s Theatre30Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie x2
Toxic Sewers30Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie x2
Abyss of Demons30Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie x2
Mad Lab30Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie x2
Garnet Statue30Cocoa Mug x1
Fungal Cavern30Cocoa Mug x1
Cave of A Thousand Treasures40Evergreen Branch x2
Crystal Cavern50Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch
Davy Jones’ Locker55Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie
Ice Cave55Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie
The Crawling Depths55Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie
The Machine55Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie
Oryx’s Chamber55Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie
Ocean Trench55Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie
Parasite Chambers55Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie
Mountain Temple55Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie
Woodland Labyrinth55Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie
Grand Sphinx55Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie
Cube God55Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie
Skull Shrine55Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie
Crystal Worm Father55Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie
Lord of the Lost Lands55Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie
Ghost Ship55Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie
Rock Dragon55Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie
Lost Sentry55Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie
Hermit God55Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie
Ice Tomb55Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch, Gingerbread Cookie
Forax60Cocoa Mug x2
Katalund60Cocoa Mug x2
Untaris60Cocoa Mug x2
Malogia60Cocoa Mug x2
Belladonna’s Garden60Cocoa Mug x2
Battle for the Nexus60Cocoa Mug x2
Third Dimension60Cocoa Mug x2
Deadwater Docks60Cocoa Mug x2
Haunted Cemetery70Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch x2
High Tech Terror70Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch x2
Cnidarian Reef70Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch x2
Lair of Shaitan70Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch x2
Puppet Master’s Encore70Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch x2
Tomb of the Ancients70Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch x2
Oryx’s Castle70Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch x2
Janus70Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch x2
Lair of Draconis70Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch x2
Secluded Thicket70Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch x2
Avatar of the Forgotten King70Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch x2
Killer Bee Nest70Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch x2
The Nest70Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch x2
The Void70Cocoa Mug x1, Evergreen Branch x2
Wine Cellar80Cocoa Mug x2, Evergreen Branch
Cultist Hideout80Cocoa Mug x2, Evergreen Branch
Lost Halls80Cocoa Mug x2, Evergreen Branch
The Shatters130Cocoa Mug x3, Evergreen Branch x2
Oryx’s Sanctuary150Cocoa Mug x5

Realm Events and Dungeon Mod Events 

We are happy to announce that we are now able to use Dungeon Mods for in-game events! From today until the 18th of January you will have many events happening in dungeons and in the Realm. You can find more information in this blog post. Events details will be posted every week, so stay tuned and have fun. 

Oryxmas Quests

Here are the Oryxmas Quests that start now and will end on the 18 of January at 12:00 UTC:

Secret Santa (repeatable)10 Cocoa MugOryxmas Mystery Gift
Warm Attire (repeatable, item of choice)10 Cocoa Mug  + 4 Evergreen BranchFrost Drake Hide Armor
Frost Elementalist Robe
Frost Citadel Armor
Shiny Present Vol.1 (repeatable, item of choice)10 Cocoa Mug  + 4 Evergreen BranchCloak of Winter
Coalbearing Quiver
Vigil Spell
Nativity Tome
Pathfinder’s Helm
Resounding Shield
Advent Seal
Holly Poison
Shiny Present Vol.2 (repeatable, item of choice)10 Cocoa Mug  + 4 Evergreen BranchSkull of Krampus
Greedsnatcher Trap
Snowbound Orb
Ornamental Prism
Scepter of Sainthood
Ilex Star
Peppermint Wakizashi
Oryxmas Carol
Shiny Present Vol.3 (repeatable, item of choice)10 Cocoa Mug  + 4 Evergreen BranchMace of the North Pole
Snowman’s Sheath
Distinguished Wrap (repeatable, item of choice)10 Cocoa Mug  + 4 Evergreen BranchYuki
Saint Nicolas’ Blade
Winter’s Breath Wand
Frosty’s Walking Stick
Icicle Launcher
Frost Lich’s Finger
Festive Tools (repeatable, item of choice)Santa’s ArsenalEvergreen Dagger
Garland Bow
Sleigh Bell Staff
Brass Chamberstick
Cheerful Chipper
Candy Katana
Oryxmas Joy
(once per account)
30 Cocoa MugOryxmas Ornament: Weak
Oryxmas Possibility
(once per account)
30 Cocoa MugOryxmas Ornament: Energized
Oryxmas Highlight
(once per account)
30 Cocoa MugOryxmas Ornament: Exposed
Magical Unification
Oryxmas Ornament: Weak,Oryxmas Ornament: Energized,Oryxmas Ornament: ExposedOrnaments of Unity
Oryxmas Toy Instructions
(once per account)
80 Cocoa MugSanta’s Arsenal Blueprint 

S and S+ Blueprints now Dropping

The following Blueprints have been added as drops to the respective monsters with this update:

Bracer of the GuardianBridge Sentinel
The Forgotten CrownThe Forgotten King
Sword of the ColossusMarble Colossus
Marble SealMarble Colossus
Quiver of the ShadowsVoid Entity
Bow of the VoidVoid Entity
Armor of NilVoid Entity
SourcestoneVoid Entity
Sporous Spray SpellCrystal Worm Mother
Cave Dweller TrapCrystal Worm Mother
Royal Guard’s CuirassBridge Sentinel
Vest of Abandoned ShadowsTwilight Archmage
Mantle of the MonarchyThe Forgotten King
WarmongerThe Forgotten King
Dusky CatalystTwilight Archmage
ValorBridge Sentinel
Primal ArcanaTwilight Archmage
Sentinel’s SidearmBridge Sentinel
Polarity PoisonTwilight Archmage
Noble MandolinThe Forgotten King
Vanguard’s VisageBridge Sentinel
PeacekeeperThe Forgotten King
Hivemaster HelmKiller Bee Queen
Echoes PrismCrystal Entity
Crystallised MistCrystal Entity
Crystal ShieldCrystal Worm Mother
Refraction CloakCrystal Entity
Crystallised Fang’s VenomCrystal Worm Father
The Twilight GemstoneTwilight Archmage
Blue Bee QuiverBlue Beehemoth
Yellow Bee QuiverYellow Beehemoth
Red Bee QuiverRed Beehemoth
Queen’s StingerKiller Bee Queen
Staff of Unholy SacrificeMalus
Bloodshed RingMalus
Skull of Corrupted SoulsMalus
Ritual RobeMalus

Kensei Competition 

During Oryxmas 2021 we are going to run a ranking for our new campaigns! 

The first competition starts on the 14th of December and ends on the 30th of December, 12 PM UTC.
The second competition starts on the 31st of December and ends on the 17th of January, 12 PM UTC.

The Ranking is based on your consumed campaign tokens, which means the player with the most consumed tokens is going to be on top. You are still going to be able to consume tokens, even after finishing the campaign. They are still going to count for the ranking.

The ranking is going to be updated daily. We have prepared some tasty prizes for our top 500 players! Said prizes are going to be sent shortly after the competition ends. 


Competition 1: Slashing through the Snow:
Place 1: Ornaments of Unity, Bard ST Set, 4000g, Bard ST Mini Skin
Place 2: Ornaments of Unity, Bard ST Set, 2000g, Bard ST Mini Skin
Place 3: Ornaments of Unity, Bard ST Set, 1000g, Bard ST Mini Skin

Place 4-10: Ornaments of Unity, Bard ST Set
Place 11-100: Ornaments of Unity, 5x Mystery ST Crate
Place 101-500: Ornament of Unity, 3x Mystery ST Crate

Competition 2: States of Water
Place 1: Ornaments of Unity, Summoner ST Set, 4000g, Summoner ST Mini Skin
Place 2: Ornaments of Unity, Summoner ST Set, 2000g, Summoner ST Mini Skin
Place 3: Ornaments of Unity, Summoner ST Set, 1000g, Summoner ST Mini Skin

Place 4-10: Ornaments of Unity, Summoner ST Set
Place 11-100: Ornaments of Unity, 5x Mystery ST Crate
Place 101-500: Ornaments of Unity, 3x Mystery ST Crate

Veteran Skins 

A new collection of skins is available for the ones who have stayed with us for a long time! Players with accounts created before 2014-12-14 08:00:01 will be able to get this collection for 2555 Fame. This is our way to thank Veterans for playing Realm for longer than 7 years. Special thanks go to NblankFour for his collection up to Summoner! This Package will be available from today until the end of the Oryxmas event and will be back during other big events next year. Here they are:

Holidays gifts – Free Packs

We start distributing presents today with the Welcome To Kensei Free Pack! This pack will be available until the 19th of December and contains:

  • 1 x Labyrinth Dweller’s Sheath 
  • 1 x Oryxmas Kensei Skin
  • 1 x Gingerbread Cookie
  • 3 x Evergreen Branch
  • 1 x Cocoa Mug x2
  • 1 x Candy of Extreme Mana
  • 1 x Candy of Extreme Dexterity
  • 1 x Candy of Extreme Life
  • 1 x Candy of Extreme Defense
  • 2 x Loot Drop Potion
  • 2 x Loot Tier Potion

On Christmas Eve until the 29th of December you can collect your present and complete your Antinomy skin collection with the Oryxmas Free Pack:

  • 1 x Antinomy Kensei Skin
  • 1 x Char Slot Unlocker
  • 1 x Backpack
  • 1 x Adventurer’s Belt
  • 1 x Santa Workshop Key
  • 1 x Christmas Turkey Leg
  • 1 x Christmas Tree Cupcake
  • 1 x Lucky Clover
  • 2x Greater Sulphur
  • 2x Greater Ore

On the 31st of December, we have a pack to get you started in 2022 – New Years Free Pack – and you will have until the 5th of January to collect it. You will find there: 

  • 1 x Construction Kensei Skin
  • 1 x Gingerbread Cookie
  • 3 x Evergreen Branch
  • 2x Cocoa Mug x2
  • 1x Candy of Extreme Attack
  • 1x Candy of Extreme Vitality
  • 1x Candy of Extreme Speed
  • 1x Candy of Extreme Wisdom
  • 3x Large Firecracker
  • 3x Small Firecracker

Fixes & Balance 

Treasurer Gemsbok 

  • Covered the safe spot in his spiral attack phase with long-range bombs and tweaked his spiral to not attack with the exact same angles each time 
  • Added an anti-decoy system to most phases 
  • Revised the status effects of his primary shotgun to be less punishing for the most part 
  • Changed his counter status effect from weak to slowed 
  • Counter can no longer be activated repeatedly in a loop 
  • Fixed his death animation to use properly sized coins, instead of massively oversized ones 

The Shatters 

  • Fixed some teleportation issues in the castle segment 
  • Fixed an area in the village marsh which would sometimes generate a full barrier of trees at the connection of a plank bridge 
  • Fixed an unintended vulnerability where the Archmage could take damage from stationary shots as soon as he appears 
  • Fixed a rare softlock possibility at the beginning of the Archmage fight 

Secluded Thicket 

  • The Bird Tribesman can now start by moving to any corner (thrilling stuff, we know!) 
  • Xolotl’s rage safe spot is now inconsistent and should be less reliable or desirable.


  • Updated the credits section
  • Now certain gameplay-affecting particles are visible regardless of your visibility settings. So you can both have particles transparent but the “important” particles for gameplay will still be visible.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the equipment hotkey to stop working when the player switched from a character with a backpack to a character without a backpack

    Note: We’re aware of a small issue with Graceful Kensei Skin’s mask when attacking facing up. It will be fixed with our next release.
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One reply on “Oryxmas is here and Kensei comes with it!”

  1. acro

    Please fix the text bug that’s there since sometime in summer. Selecting part of the text then typing something should replace the selected text, like it behaves on every system. It shouldn’t ADD the new text to the selection like in rotmg 🙁

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