Coming June 7th!


The date is closing in on us and we wanted to give you a preview of what’s next for the Realm. We have been showing you some features during the open testing sessions (And there will be one starting tomorrow, 27th May)  but this is the first time we put it all together:

  • Realm Speedup
  • UT trading extension
  • 3rd Generation craftable STs
  • Horror STory Campaign 
  • Solo Keys
  • Bleeding projectiles 
  • Forge Changes
  • Void Event
  • And more!
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A STory of War VII

When the voice of the earth meets the gales of the skies, the relics of two bygone civilizations reveal themselves throughout the realm. The Earthen Bulwark demonstrates the otherwise extinct power of the earth mages. The unseemly secrets of their ways lend a stoic and creatively defensive way of life.Read more “A STory of War VII”