New forgeable STs and Bleeding

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Today we premiered the 3rd generation of STs and the new Bleeding mechanic. Check out the presentation by our designer Tony Wilson:

The 3rd Generation STs

The 3rd generation of STs will not be obtainable as past sets or any other item in-game. The only way to obtain new items will be to forge them at the Blacksmith. Formulas to craft new ST items will be a combination of Mythical Materials that will come from all STs and tokens specific for each class that will drop in various dungeons. The rarer the item, the more Mythical Material it will require and provide. An additional requirement will be that one of the items you are dismantling will need to be the same type as the item you are trying to forge.

In June we will be releasing the first two 3rd generation STs – the Warrior and Huntress, with the theme of horror and blood. And since we are talking about blood…

The Axe Warrior Set

art by Saturn

The Bride of Frankenstein Set

art by Saturn

The new Bleeding System

With the new Bleeding System, you’ll have another game mechanic which inflicts Damage Over Time (DOT) to enemies. This was previously possible with poison, but it had many limitations that will now be solved. While Poison is used quite a lot in AOE attacks and abilities, Bleeding was not used by players to attack enemies directly. As such, Bleeding will be expanded to cover basic projectile attacks from the player. Enemy behavior and the effect of bleeding on your chars will not be changed.

How will it work?

For the defined duration of the Bleeding Effect, the enemy will lose 20 Health per second, although this can be higher on special weapons. It will not damage an invulnerable enemy and it will stack additively.  For example, when a player strikes an enemy with Bleeding – they gain a stack of 20 damage. If the player hits them again within the duration, they will lose 40 health at the next tick. This continues until the stacks begin to wear off.

Some enemies will have a cap as to how much Bleeding they will take per second, to prevent bosses from being swarmed with Bleeding effects.

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