The Forge renovation

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The Forge is about to change. Coming in June the blacksmith will present the Heroes with her renovated forge. She’s equipped it with better and more reliable equipment, capable of making items no one thought could be made that way. 

Here’s what’s going to change:


  • New filtering options have been added to the Blacksmith menu.
  • There are different tabs that make navigating your crafting options easier:
    • “All” lists all craftable items available to you, same as before.
    • “UT” will show only all craftable UT’s you have available.
    • “ST” will show craftable ST (more on this later).
    • “Misc” will show other objects which are not gear or don’t fit the other categories, like Ores and Nildrops.
  • Added a sorting function that will arrange the current tab in order of Forgefire cost.
  • When you select an item to craft, it will show only relevant items in the Dismantle panel.
  • And finally, the Search button will help you quickly find items by name.

Special requirements

  • Certain UT’s now require you to dismantle 1 or more UT’s from the same dungeon as part of the cost. This will be clearly indicated in the forge requirements.
  • These items belong to certain “collections” such as the Fungal family.
  • To make it easier to identify which items fulfill these special requirements, then items which are needed will be highlighted with a cyan border.
  • Not all items have an associated dungeon. Those that do were designed to drop mainly (or uniquely) from that dungeon. You can check the list below for details.
  • For now, we are applying this system only to top-level dungeons and crafting top-tier items.
  • We will observe the impact on the game and might change and/or extend it based on feedback.
Bow of the VoidThe Void
Quiver of the ShadowsThe Void
Armor of NilThe Void
SourcestoneThe Void
Corruption TetherThe Shatters
Ancient EminenceThe Shatters
Abyssal InsigniaThe Shatters
Twilight ShroudThe Shatters
Archangel’s JudgementThe Shatters
The Forgotten CrownThe Shatters
The Twilight GemstoneThe Shatters
Bracer of the GuardianThe Shatters
Ice CrownThe Shatters
PeacekeeperThe Shatters
Vanguard’s VisageThe Shatters
Noble MandolinThe Shatters
Polarity PoisonThe Shatters
Sentinel’s SidearmThe Shatters
Primal ArcanaThe Shatters
ValorThe Shatters
Dusky CatalystThe Shatters
WarmongerThe Shatters
Mantle of the MonarchyThe Shatters
Vest of Abandoned ShadowsThe Shatters
Royal Guard’s CuirassThe Shatters
Nectar CrossfireThe Nest
Fallen One’s BladeThe Nest
Consecrated TrapThe Nest
Queen’s StingerThe Nest
Hivemaster HelmThe Nest
Beehemoth QuiverThe Nest
Beehemoth QuiverThe Nest
Beehemoth QuiverThe Nest
Hivemind MaceThe Nest
DivinityOryx’s Sanctuary
Oryx’s EscutcheonOryx’s Sanctuary
Gladiator GuardOryx’s Sanctuary
Exalted God’s HornOryx’s Sanctuary
Harmonious HarpOryx’s Sanctuary
AvariceOryx’s Sanctuary
Gambler’s FateOryx’s Sanctuary
Turncoat CapeOryx’s Sanctuary
Collector’s MonocleOryx’s Sanctuary
LumiaireOryx’s Sanctuary
Chaotic ScriptureOryx’s Sanctuary
Vesture of DualityOryx’s Sanctuary
Divine CoronationOryx’s Sanctuary
SuperiorOryx’s Sanctuary
Genesis SpellOryx’s Sanctuary
Diplomatic RobeOryx’s Sanctuary
Chancellor’s CraniumOryx’s Sanctuary
EnforcerOryx’s Sanctuary
Ballistic StarOryx’s Sanctuary
Centaur’s ShieldingOryx’s Sanctuary
Battalion BannerOryx’s Sanctuary
Brain of the GolemLost Halls
Marble SealLost Halls
Sword of the ColossusLost Halls
Breastplate of New LifeLost Halls
Magical LodestoneLost Halls
Crystalline KunaiFungal Cavern
Tome of the Mushroom TribesFungal Cavern
Sporous Spray SpellFungal Cavern
Fungal BreastplateFungal Cavern
Crystal ShieldFungal Cavern
Cave Dweller TrapFungal Cavern
Staff of Unholy SacrificeCultists’ Hideout
Skull of Corrupted SoulsCultists’ Hideout
Ritual RobeCultists’ Hideout
Bloodshed RingCultists’ Hideout
Fractured Gemstone WakizashiCrystal Cavern
Star of EnlightenmentCrystal Cavern
Echoes PrismCrystal Cavern
Crystallised MistCrystal Cavern
Cloak of RefractionCrystal Cavern
Irradiance SheathCrystal Cavern

ST crafting

  • In the new ST tab, you can find a new generation of ST set items which can be crafted.
  • In this first version, only the new generation of ST items can be crafted, but we are considering different approaches for older ST items.
  • For now, the older generations of ST items can only be dismantled. Only the new ST sets we introduce from now on will be craftable. We might change this in the future, though!
  • These ST items don’t require Blueprints to be unlocked in the Item Forge.

Mythical material

  • ST items require the new mythical material to be crafted. This material can only be obtained from ST items.
  • Same as with UT’s, ST’s may also have additional requirements.
  • For example, you need to dismantle at least one ST Weapon to be able to craft another ST Weapon.

Unique Tokens

  • Finally, ST items also require a specific token, obtainable from different dungeons.
  • Every ST set requires a different token. So to craft the items in the new Huntress’ ST set you will need the Huntress’ unique token.

Quick Summary:

How to craft an ST item?

You will need:

  • Enough Forgefire.
  • Mythical material, which you can only get from dismantling other ST items.
  • At least one item of the same type (Weapon, Armour, Ring or Ability) as the item you are trying to make.
  • A unique token, exclusive for all the items of that ST set.

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10 replies on “The Forge renovation”

  1. Justin

    Can you make it so that you dont need the marks to forge? it kind of annoying getting the mark to get both a white and a mark for a forge.

  2. Justin

    i dont like this

  3. wanderley

    Thats actually perfect!!! Finally some st update!

  4. I understand what you guys want with this update. DECA wants to hide the fact that this game doesnt have that much endgame content, so to keep veteran players like myself playing this game, they will force us to farm the same ol dungeons millions of times.

  5. connajim

    I think this change makes forging too complex, although the additional requirements are acceptable 🙂
    Not sure they’re welcome, as I liked the old forge system better, but with this you’re just further catering way way way way too much to endgame content/players.

    Very anti-friendly for growing a dying playerbase.

  6. SpookyDino

    Will the token for the ST forging drop from dungeons? Tinkerer quests / Login Calendar? Or will they only be available by using realm gold to buy them in the shop?

  7. Pelife

    I don’t see any comments, so I will leave my opinion here.
    Did anyone ask for this change? Why not increase the number of marks needed?

  8. John Kendrick

    So, It will be harder to get the whites we want? Will we have to pray to RNGesus to get what we want? How is that good for the game? Where are the players that asked for this change?
    What surprised the most is that someone is payed to have these bad ideas for the game.
    Hope you guys hear the community feedback.

  9. Cosmo

    I don’t like the unique tokens

  10. hungry

    Love it, keep it up.

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