A STory of War VII

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When the voice of the earth meets the gales of the skies, the relics of two bygone civilizations reveal themselves throughout the realm. The Earthen Bulwark demonstrates the otherwise extinct power of the earth mages. The unseemly secrets of their ways lend a stoic and creatively defensive way of life.

The Storm Caller, wreathed in the thunderous embrace of the wind’s will, bends only to the way of song. Its frigid fury characterizes the swift and lethal judgment of the shrouded wind spirits. There’s a certain irony to these two nebulous forces manifesting their legacies together, as their histories are more intertwined than either side would like to acknowledge. Perhaps there is more to learn from the artifacts themselves, should they meet in conflict once again.


The Bonus Program is a time-limited event that can be accessed in the Shop. It allows players to collect Bonus Points with gold they spend in the Shop (or by directly boosting it via the Boost button) and claim Bonus Rewards. You can collect BP by purchasing Mystery Boxes, Packages, and Items in the Nexus and Grand Bazaar areas with Realm gold. 

Please note that slot unlockers and name changing do not count for the bonus program. Fame purchases do not count, either.

Just like with “Story of War VI”,  Avarice Medallions will have an option to reward the Mini Skin, and in two neat quests at the Tinkerer, you’ll be able to swap a duplicate mini skin for a new Mystery ST Crate of the same class.

Start: November,  18th, at 12PM UTC
End: December, 6th, at 12PM UTC
Grace Period: until December, 9th, 12 PM UTC
Quests at the Tinkerer:  until December, 9th, 12 PM UTC

RanksBonus rewardTotal PointsTier Points
11 x War STory Chest12001200
21 x War STory Chest24001200
31 x War STory Chest36001200
41 x War STory Chest48001200
51 x War STory Chest62001400
61 x War STory Chest76001400
72 x War STory Chest90001400
81 x Avarice Medallion106001600
91 x War STory Chest136003000
103 x War STory Chest166003000
113 x War STory Chest208004200
122 x War STory Chest + 1 x Avarice Medallion260005200
134 x War STory Chest326006600
143 x War STory Chest362003600
152 x War STory Chest + 1 x Avarice Medallion416005400
166 x War STory Chest486007000
172 x War STory Chest + 1 x Avarice Medallion531004500
185 x War STory Chest + 1 x Avarice Medallion620008900
19Storm Caller Bard Set + Mini Skin7250010500
20Earthen Bulwark Summoner Set + Mini Skin8300010500


As is tradition during War STories, the drop locations of the previous ST sets for the classes featured will host loot (and XP) increase events.

From November 18, 12 PM UTC until November 22, 12 PM UTC these will be Mad Lab and High Tech Terror, where you may try your hand at getting the Scientific Summoner ST set.

From November 25, 12 PM UTC until November 29, 12 PM UTC Oryx’s Sanctuary will be free to access and the Sanctuary itself will grant 1.5x the loot and XP, giving you a better chance at the Angelic Bard set… among other things.

That weekend also happens to coincide with Thanksgiving, so to celebrate, The Appetizer will be spawning in Realm and dropping a Thanksgiving menu:

  • Cranberries
  • Ear of Corn
  • Sliced Yam
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Thanksgiving Turkey


There are currently two active polls, both on Reddit and Discord, that we would like you to answer. The questions are: 

  • How would you feel about an increase to your maximum health at the cost of your overall regeneration, allowing you to take more damage before death, but recover slower?”
  • How would you feel about VIT and WIS regen being buffed to more relevancy at the cost of the relative strength of pet regeneration?

To answer on Reddit, go here and here. For Discord, please do it in the Deca_polls channel. 

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2 replies on “A STory of War VII”

  1. Schematics are way too rare, and we need way too many of them to be useful, I think it would be a great idea to be able to forge scematics with their forge item equivelent EG. a divinity for 1 or 2 ancient schematis.

  2. Rose

    Stop it. Actually stop releasing another St Sets. It freaking too much. We dont even have time to farm previous ones and you are releasing another 2 sets.

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