A STory of War VII

When the voice of the earth meets the gales of the skies, the relics of two bygone civilizations reveal themselves throughout the realm. The Earthen Bulwark demonstrates the otherwise extinct power of the earth mages. The unseemly secrets of their ways lend a stoic and creatively defensive way of life.Read more “A STory of War VII”


The Shattered Kingdom update #5 – New tiers

Hello Realmers,

Wow! You’ve really blown those tiers out of the park! And because of that, we decided to reward with 3 additional Tiers. What is that? Do I see a Character Slot in the last one? I guess this would be a great time to bring your friends into the game, especially because of all the stuff we have been giving away or discounting, like this Fame Picnic Pack that you may find in game from Saturday 12th, to Wednesday, the 16th.… Read more “The Shattered Kingdom update #5 – New tiers”