A Story of Love cannot be rushed

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Romantic Realmers,

This Valentine’s Day, we dream of the untold story of the King and Queen of the Shattered Kingdom. Their unfortunate fates are known today, but is anything recorded of their courtly life at the height of the Kingdom, before Oryx the gladiator made his grab for power? The historians who unearthed the scrolls that told the tale of the Kingdom’s descent claim to have reason to speculate that life in the Court of the doomed Kingdom was a happy one and that the love the King and Queen had for each other may linger still… somewhere, in what remains untainted of their psyches. And, around this Festival of Love, the more romantic of these historians, mainly Knights and Paladins by trade, compose wistful poems and songs of what could’ve been. And of what remains.

Love is sought…
…and freely given.

The Story of Love Campaign is an early experiment towards an actual Battlepass, where the real thing will of course be longer, more varied, and have free and purchased progression. This small Campaign, this time, is mostly aimed towards cosmetics. Progression via gameplay in this one should be faster and easier than on the Oryxmas Campaigns.

1Valentine Mystery Skin0
2Backpack, Adventurer’s Belt, Lucky Clover x2450
3Crystal of Extreme Fortune x201150
4Large Royal Eminence Cloth, Small Royal Eminence Cloth1800
5Mystery Pet Skin2850
6Crystal of Extreme Fortune x203550
7Shard of the Intern x154825
8Vault Chest Unlocker5925
9Crystal of Extreme Fortune x206625
10Schematic x108325
11Superior Mystery Skin9975
12Crystal of Extreme Fortune x4011375
13Paramount Ore13325
14Crystal of Extreme Fortune x4014725
15Shattered King Necromancer Skin19500

For now, and in this dream dimension, the Shattered King is alone. We must believe that he will, however, find love despite all. And when he does, look for new life breathed into his animations – in particular, he will get an idle cycle.

How to progress in this campaign? Unlock it for 1200 gold, and gather tokens from all Realm and Dungeon Bosses. Token drops will be as follows, where Heart Shard x1 grants 5 campaign points and the maximum stack is 35:

LocationPointsToken drops
Forest Maze120% chance for Heart Shard x1
Pirate Cave120% chance for Heart Shard x1
Spider Den120% chance for Heart Shard x1
Forbidden Jungle120% chance for Heart Shard x1
The Hive120% chance for Heart Shard x1
Snake Pit30Heart Shard x6
Sprite World30Heart Shard x6
Ancient Ruins30Heart Shard x6
Magic Woods30Heart Shard x6
Undead Lair35Heart Shard x7
Candyland Hunting Grounds35Heart Shard x7
Cursed Library35Heart Shard x7
Manor of the Immortals35Heart Shard x7
Puppet Master’s Theatre35Heart Shard x7
Toxic Sewers35Heart Shard x7
Abyss of Demons35Heart Shard x7
Mad Lab35Heart Shard x7
Cave of A Thousand Treasures45Heart Shard x9
The Gardener35Heart Shard x7
Davy Jones’ Locker65Heart Shard x13
Ice Cave65Heart Shard x13
The Crawling Depths65Heart Shard x13
The Machine65Heart Shard x13
Forax70Heart Shard x14
Katalund70Heart Shard x14
Oryx’s Chamber65Heart Shard x13
Untaris70Heart Shard x14
Malogia70Heart Shard x14
Belladonna’s Garden65Heart Shard x13
Ocean Trench65Heart Shard x13
Parasite Chambers65Heart Shard x13
Mountain Temple65Heart Shard x13
Woodland Labyrinth65Heart Shard x13
Grand Sphinx65Heart Shard x13
Cube God65Heart Shard x13
Skull Shrine65Heart Shard x13
GC Enc Boss65Heart Shard x13
Lord of the Lost Lands65Heart Shard x13
Ghost Ship65Heart Shard x13
LOD Rock Dragon Head65Heart Shard x13
Garnet Statue35Heart Shard x7
Jade Statue30Heart Shard x6
LH Lost Sentry65Heart Shard x13
Hermit God65Heart Shard x13
Battle for the Nexus70Heart Shard x14
Ice Tomb65Heart Shard x13
Third Dimension70Heart Shard x14
Deadwater Docks70Heart Shard x14
Haunted Cemetery80Heart Shard x16
High Tech Terror80Heart Shard x16
Cnidarian Reef80Heart Shard x16
Lair of Shaitan80Heart Shard x16
Puppet Master’s Encore80Heart Shard x16
Tomb of the Ancients80Heart Shard x16
Oryx’s Castle80Heart Shard x16
Janus80Heart Shard x16
Lair of Draconis80Heart Shard x16
Secluded Thicket80Heart Shard x16
shtrs Defense System80Heart Shard x16
EH Event Hive80Heart Shard x16
Wine Cellar90Heart Shard x18
Cultist Hideout90Heart Shard x18
The Nest80Heart Shard x16
Crystal Cavern90Heart Shard x18
Lost Halls90Heart Shard x18
The Void90Heart Shard x18
The Shatters150Heart Shard x30
Oryx’s Sanctuary175Heart Shard x35

At the same time, the Valentine’s Day Archer Set, the star of the upcoming speedrun competition, will return as always, this time in exchange for Heart Shards.

Enchanting ArcheryHeart Shard x35 x7Heartstruck Bow + Return of LoveOnce per account
Quivering with LoveHeart Shard x35 x7Quiver of Dazing Love + Return of LoveOnce per account
Enamored’s HabilimentHeart Shard x35 x7Cupid’s Garments + Return of LoveOnce per account
Lover’s KeepsakeHeart Shard x35 x7Ring of Unbound Love + Return of LoveOnce per account

The Return of Love token is meant to compensate Campaign participants – its only functionality is to return the Campaign points used for the quests. Additionally, the Gardener will be back to drop Belladonna’s Garden, which will be one of the dungeons hosting chest events with a romantic flavour.

The Story of Love begins Tuesday, 8th of February at 12PM UTC and will last forever until Monday, 21st, at 12 PM UTC.

What do you speculate about Court life in the pre-Shattered Kingdom?


While some perish in the pursuit of love, others must perish in their attempt to thwart it. We are talking about Belladonna, the abomination with an arguably good reason to hold a grudge against you Realmers. Regardless if you stand for or against flower exploitation… invite your Valentine on an unforgettable date, achieve a record together and stand crowned in love’s glory!

Indeed, is competition not part of love? This Valentine’s day, you will be competing against each other and against the clock. And against Belladonna. In pairs! It is the…

Belladonna’s Garden Duo Speedrun Competition

The competition will take place on the Testing servers over two weekends: from Friday, the 11th at 17:00 UTC, until Monday, the 14th, at 08:00 UTC, and from Friday, the 18th, 17:00 UTC until Monday the 21st, 08:00 UTC. You can submit your entries until Wednesday the 23rd, 12:00 UTC. And this time, you must all be Valentine’s Day Archers. Here are the rules:

  • The dungeon that you will duo speedrun will be Belladonna’s Garden.
  • The tournament will take place on the testing server over two weekends: from Friday, the 11th at 17:00 UTC, until Monday, the 14th, at 08:00 UTC, and from Friday, the 18th, 17:00 UTC until Monday the 21st, 08:00 UTC. You can submit your entries until Wednesday the 23rd, 12:00 UTC.
  • There will be free Apples of Maxing for everyone.
  • If you have any exaltations, you must create a new account.
  • There will be free Bella’s keys!
  • Valentine’s Day Archer Sets will also be provided for free.
  • Pets and swapouts are not allowed.
  • Allowed consumables can be found in the “Utility” section of the shop.
  • You must provide a video recording of your run, along with a timer.
  • The recorder must have ally projectiles turned on.
  • The recording must start before opening your key. The timer must start at the first action taken in the dungeon (movement or shooting).
  • Modded Keys are not allowed
  • Must not hold input keys upon entering the dungeon.
  • The timer stops when the recorder exits the dungeon (you must exit through the Realm portal!)
  • You are allowed to post multiple entries, but always with the same partner.
  • Post your submissions as comments to this blog post.
  • Your submission must contain your IGNs, time and a link to the video. Please use the following standard formatting for your submission, with time in minutes, seconds and milliseconds:
    Recorder Testing IGN: LoveIsInTheAir
    Partner Testing IGN: FlowerPicker
    Production IGNs: Alice, Bob
    Time: 03:50.000
    Link: https://…
  • Any swearing or disrespectful behavior in chat or voice audio will cause you to be disqualified from the event
  • Any violation of the TOS (including, of course, hacking or exploiting) or of the rules above will also result in disqualification.

The top 3 pairs get each:

  • 1 Valentine’s Day Archer Set
  • 1 Soulful Affection
  • 80 Crystals of Extreme Fortune

10 randomly picked pairs will get 1000 gold and a Valentine Mystery Skin each!

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  1. Andreasan

    Recorder Testing IGN: Andreasann
    Partner Testing IGN: Imphilipz
    Production IGNs: Andreasan, Imphilip
    Time: 02:24:18
    Link: https://youtu.be/DlxsME1JD_M

  2. ItsUber

    Recorder Testing IGN: Ubermench
    Partner Testing IGN: Soltee
    Production IGNs: ItsUber, Solz
    Time: 1:27
    Link: https://youtu.be/AnhBCPIut7A

  3. ZiggyDaGuy

    Recorder Testing IGN: Ziggydaguy
    Partner Testing IGN: Flyingfoe
    Production IGNs: ZiggyDaGuy, FlyingFord
    Time: 01:02.017
    Link: https://youtu.be/mypLyYin3fw

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    Time: 00:54.037
    Link: https://youtu.be/YislFgUh-L0

  6. Theflufbol

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    Partner Testing IGN: Hexedd
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    Link: https://youtu.be/VzwIP845n0Y

  7. uselessapp

    Recorder Testing IGN: uselessap
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  8. Bobby Joe

    Recorder Testing IGN: BGJOE
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    Production IGNs: BGJOE, Baconocab
    Time: 00:50.19
    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jy7TpqG8p_o

    1. Bobby Joe

      *Recorder Testing IGN: BGJOEtwo
      please spare me I forgot a mere 3 letters

  9. Testing IGN: Sukmabals
    Partner Testing IGN: Realgamer
    Production IGNs: Realxgamer, Bulldogu
    Time: 01:02.656
    Link: https://youtu.be/7fILq7ZG5OM

  10. Bobby Joe

    Recorder Testing IGN: BGJOEtwo
    Partner Testing IGN: Baconocab
    Production IGNs: BGJOE, Baconocab
    Time: 00:50.16
    Link: https://youtu.be/ZedyEx1ZvEY

  11. Bulldogu

    Testing IGN: Sukmabals
    Partner Testing IGN: Realgamer
    Production IGNs: Realxgamer, Bulldogu
    Time: 01:02.65
    Link: https://youtu.be/7fILq7ZG5OM

  12. GML

    Recorder Testing IGN: GMLThree
    Partner Testing IGN: Pokybence
    Production IGNs: GMLThree, Pokybence
    Time: 01:47:13
    Link: https://youtu.be/x0J6lAFUGqo

  13. KimSlimJim

    Recorder Testing IGN: Markipler
    Partner Testing IGN: Polarity
    Production IGNs: KimSlimJim, SellerTIme
    Time: 01.11.11
    Link: https://youtu.be/3CiF4AStyeU

  14. Kobanso


  15. Robert

    Recorder Testing IGN: Robertest
    Partner Testing IGN: iterationv
    Production IGNs: IamRobert, ErikErik
    Time: 01:01:28
    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thflP7PWJbs
    Same run, I merely manualy ended the timer at a more precise time.

  16. Robert

    Recorder Testing IGN: Robertest
    Partner Testing IGN: iterationv
    Production IGNs: IamRobert, ErikErik
    Time: 01:02:67
    Link: https://youtu.be/ThHz-UkV7tU

    1. Thiccnuget

      59.91* pardon my mistake

  17. DrCookies

    Recorder Testing IGN: kenseifan
    Partner Testing IGN: Oryxslayer
    Production IGNs: DrCookies, ROCKYCRAYZ
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    Link: https://youtu.be/3E4D_bJYxCY

  18. Robert

    Recorder Testing IGN: Robertest
    Partner Testing IGN: iterationv
    Production IGNs: IamRobert, ErikErik
    Time: 01:05:91
    Link: https://youtu.be/3izGnK5Rcwk

  19. So I guess this counts as an official Oryx face reveal.
    F i n a l l y

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