Community Event – Syndicate Infiltration

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Month of the Mad God is still running wild now that Act 3 has started! We decided to start a Community Event where you, the players, work together to reach a milestone. Additionally you will fight to reach the Top 10000 for even more rewards. 


Starting on the 25th of August at 12:00 UTC until the maintenance mode on 6th of September starts you will be able to collect points toward a community goal. You will be able to review your progress on our Infiltration Leaderboards that will update every day. You can find the Leaderboards here.

Your target? All the Mercenaries from the Syndicate either in the Realm or in the dungeons. You will get 1 point for each Mercenary killed, regardless if that is Izel the Great Shaman or Nefret the Pharaoh..

The goal for the community? Reach 800000 points combined as a Team.


If the Community Goal is reached at the end of the event, everyone will receive a Free Pack in our shop with the following Content: 

  • A special “Syndicate Infiltrator” Title x1
  • Syndicate Henchman Assassin Skin    x1
  • Syndicate Henchman Sorcerer Skin    x1
  • Storm Caller x1
  • Rusted Barrel x1
  • Golden Lucky Clover x2
  • Unsigned Parcel x2
  • Black Coin x20

Additionally the Top 10000 Players will receive the following rewards at the end of the Event even if the Community Goal is not reached! Please keep in mind that the rewards for the top players will be sent out directly to their Gift Chests. 

  • A unique “Master Of Disguise” Title
  • Syndicate Infiltration Sorcerer Skin    x1
  • Syndicate Infiltration Assassin Skin    x1
  • Potion of Life (SB) x15
  • Potion of Mana (SB) x15
  • Golden Lucky Clover x3
  • Unsigned Parcel x2
  • Black Coin x30   

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