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The date is closing in on us and we wanted to give you a preview of what’s next for the Realm. We have been showing you some features during the open testing sessions (And there will be one starting tomorrow, 27th May)  but this is the first time we put it all together:

  • Realm Speedup
  • UT trading extension
  • 3rd Generation craftable STs
  • Horror STory Campaign 
  • Solo Keys
  • Bleeding projectiles 
  • Forge Changes
  • Void Event
  • And more!

Realm Speedup

We want to make some QoL changes to the Realm spawning system, both reducing the time spent in the realm and also making it more meaningful by having more interesting events.

  • Ghost King will be tweaked so it has less waiting time and idle phases.
    • Ghost King will no longer be an evaluation boss. There will only be 1 wave of 5 enemies, and they will spawn immediately upon attacking the Ghost King.
    • Ghosts and Ghost Master no longer have invulnerability while they move around.
    • Ghost Master can be tossed in any of the 5 directions (not just to the right of the Ghost King)
  • Less Ent Ancients and fewer Liches will spawn. This effectively means a decrease in the number of Heroes of Oryx per realm.
    • Ents and Liches have been reduced by 50% on average (resulting in a 33% decrease in Heroes of Oryx overall)
      • Drop rates have been increased to adjust for this reduction.
  • Event bosses for high-level dungeons have an increased chance to spawn. Some once-per-realm events (TBD) can now appear more than once.
    • Event bosses have a 25% chance to appear after a Hero of Oryx is killed.
    • Lord of the Lost Lands, Sphinx, Hermit, and Mountain Temple encounters can now appear up to 2 times per Realm.
  • Slight adjustments to some Event encounters
    • Avatar
      • MaxHP reduced from 150k to 125k
      • Killer Pillar defense reduced from 70 to 60
    • The Nest
      • Beehemoth MaxHP reduced from 25k to 20k
      • Nest Colonies reduced from 11 to 7 spawns.

UT Trading extension

We are increasing the list of UTs which can be traded. In order to not dramatically alter the appeal and design of dungeons, encounters, and Quests, we are being very selective when opening the trading option for these items. This is the list of new items that now will be tradeable:

  • Tome of Holy Protection
  • Ring of the Pyramid
  • Ring of the Nile
  • Pharaoh’s Requiem
  • Ancient Stone Sword
  • Crystal Sword
  • Crystal Wand
  • Wakizashi of Eastern Winds
  • Wakizashi of Crossing Fires

New STs

The “new generation” of ST Sets come with a completely new system. Instead of being directly dropped from monsters, they can only be obtained through the Item Forge!

Generational icons

We would like also to introduce an icon in the STs tooltip that allows you to identify to which “generation” of ST Sets they belong, with certain exceptions. Reskins and reworked items generally respect the generation their originals appeared in.

“First” generation of ST Sets on Realm“Second” generation of ST Sets on Realm“Third” generation of ST Sets on Realm

Resurrected Huntress Set

The Resurrected Huntress is designed to clear swathes of enemies at a distance with the wide cone of her Bolt Thrower. She also has the Vitality and Defense to get close with larger enemies and give them the full force of all five projectiles. When she gets to this range, enemies will have to beware of the retaliatory explosion of sparks from her Wedding Dress, or the high damage of her Lightning Rod trap. This will leave enemies slowed and easy prey.

Items in the set:

  • Weapon – Bolt Thrower (Bow)
  • Ability – Lightning Rod (Trap)
  • Armor – Wedding Dress (Leather)
  • Ring – Gothic Bouffant

Killbilly Warrior Set

The Killbilly is also able to get in close and deal a lot of damage. His Burlap Cowl synergizes with the Headless Ted ring item to paralyze enemies who might otherwise run out of his range, in addition to the usual Berserk effect on helms. And those enemies who do escape will be left Bleeding due to the improved Bleeding system on his Jagged Hatchet weapon. The added damage this can stack on enemies can allow the Killbilly to hit and run, allowing his superior Vitality to regenerate quickly.

Items in the set:

  • Weapon – Jagged Hatchet (Sword)
  • Ability – Burlap Cowl (Helm)
  • Armor – Overalls of Endurance (Heavy)
  • Ring – Headless Ted

ST crafting

In order to see how the new ST Sets are crafted, we want to introduce you to the new system:

  • In the new ST tab (more details further below), you can find a new generation of ST set items that can be crafted.
  • In this first version, only the new generation of ST items can be crafted, but we are considering different approaches for older ST items.
  • For now, the older generations of ST items can only be dismantled. Only the new ST sets we introduce from now on will be craftable. We might change this in the future, though!
  • These ST items don’t require Blueprints to be unlocked in the Item Forge.

Mythical material

  • ST items require the new mythical material to be crafted. This material can only be obtained from dismantling ST items.
  • Same as with UTs, ST’s may also have additional requirements. For example, you need to dismantle at least one ST Weapon to be able to craft another ST Weapon. This depends on the item.

Mythical Set Tokens

  • Finally, ST items also require a specific token, obtainable from a variety of dungeons.
  • Every ST set requires a different token. So to craft the items in the new Huntress’ ST set you will need the Huntress’ unique token (Resurrected Huntress Set Token).
  • These tokens will, in phase 3, drop in selected dungeons.

ST Distribution Phases

The New STs will be rolled out in three different distribution phases.

Phase 1 – From June 7th to June, 20th 

The Horror STory will last for two weeks. It’s similar to what you are used to with the War STory campaigns, but in this case, you will be able to get tokens instead of STs directly. The structure of rewards will also slightly change (only Mythical ST Chests and Mythical ST Gems) but you will still be able to choose for which class you want the token to be. 

Horror  STory

The Horror Story Campaign is coming to Realm starting on the 7th of June after the Maintenance and runs until the 20th of June at 12 PM UTC. The Grace Period runs for 3 days until the 23rd of June.

Let’s have a look at the campaign:

You’ll see that it’s not a common campaign: this one will allow you to get Mythical ST Chests

and Mythical ST Gems.

Mythical ST Chests

Mythical ST Gems

Solo Keys

Running “solo” dungeons is a popular -and dangerous- challenge for our veteran players. Why not having extra rewards for it? Solo keys, as the name suggests, are keys for players who want to play a dungeon alone. 

These keys can only be opened in your Vault and cannot be rerolled, upgraded, or downgraded. 

Solo keys are a great additional way for you to get Mythical ST Gems! They can be found in an easy Daily Quest, Free packs, and limited per week in the shop. These keys will be present during phases 1 and 2. 

Right now you can experience these keys for the following dungeons: Lost Halls, Secluded Thicket, Crystal Cavern, and  High Tech Terror. 

Phase 2 – From June 21st to July, 11th

We will start selling the Augmented keys. These are very similar to Enchanted keys but will drop tokens and ST shards as one of the drops instead of STs directly. We will be selling these keys for the events running at the time.

Augmented Keys

Using an Augmented Key will open the respective dungeon and give the opener a Mythical ST Crate

You can find the Augmented Keys in the Shop.

Phase 3 – From July, 12th

We release tokens as a drop in the dungeons. Please note that we are not selling tokens directly in any way, nor 3rd gen STs.

Improved Bleeding effect

An update to the combat mechanics has allowed for the Bleeding condition to be reworked:

  • Attacks or Abilities with the Bleeding effect will place a Bleeding stack on the affected enemy which will last for X seconds.
  • This stack will deal up to 20 damage per second until it expires (though some weapons add extra damage per second!).
  • These stacks are cumulative and can be added by multiple players on the same target.
  • For balance reasons, high-level enemies have a “Bleeding cap”; so they cannot lose more than 1% of their total max HP per second through Bleeding.

Forge UI changes

  • We have improved the interface of the Blacksmith menu.
  • There are now different tabs that make navigating your crafting options easier:
    • “All” lists all craftable items available to you, same as before.
    • “UT” will show only all craftable UTs you have available.
    • “ST” will show craftable ST (more on this later).
    • “Misc” will show other objects which are not gear or don’t fit the other categories, like Ores and Nildrops.
  • We have also added a sorting function that will arrange the current tab in order of Forgefire cost.
  • When you select an item to craft, it will show only your relevant items in the Dismantle panel.
  • And finally, the Search button will help you quickly find items by name.

Special requirements

  • Certain UTs now require you to dismantle 1 or more UTs from the same dungeon/set of dungeons as part of the costs. This will be clearly indicated in the forge requirements.
    • Fungal Cavern and Crystal Cavern items can be used interchangeably.
    • Lost Halls, Cultist Hideout, and Void items can be used interchangeably.
    • Some items can also require additional Marks of their specific dungeon.
  • You can see the valid items as they have icons that appear in their tooltip to easily identify them. For now, the only items that have icons are top-tier items that have a “characteristic” dungeon they are found in, so not all items have this icon.
  • To make it easier to identify which items fulfill these special requirements, items that are needed will be highlighted with a cyan border.
  • For now, we are applying this system only to top-level dungeons and crafting top-tier items (we will observe the impact on the game, and might change and/or extend it based on feedback).
  • As mentioned, not all items have an associated dungeon. You can check the list below:
Associated DungeonIcon
Fungal Cavern
Crystal Cavern
The Nest
Lost Halls
Cultist Hideout
The Void
Forgotten King
Oryx`s Sanctuary


  • Blueprints will now also count as an original item from the dungeon its item comes from.
  • This means you can use a Blueprint as a substitute for one item from its corresponding dungeon.
  • Remember not all Blueprints have an origin dungeon. We will be applying this change to Blueprints of top-end items only.
  • Also, the maximum of 1 Blueprint per forging is still maintained.

Void Event

The Void Entity has found a new, unlikely host – a theater director gone deranged with dreams of influence and fame. An admirer of the Puppet Master, this backstage tyrant has gained new powers from his infestation by the Void, and the fruits of his imagination now roam the Realm.

And as dreams and nightmares invade the Realm’s reality, the Void Entity itself is stronger than usual, and portals to The Void can be found in more and more places. The bravest of the heroes of the Nexus must now help to beat back the infestation, or give in to the whispers of the beyond and become empowered actors on this stage of horror.

The Void Event will start on June 7th at 12 PM UTC and end on June, 21st at the same time. 

The Void will give you 1.5x loot and EXP like usual in these events plus a guaranteed drop of Void Catalyst x2

In the Realm, you will find the Void Heralds who have allied with the Void Entity, alongside them two Remnant of the Void portals will spawn.

Remnant of the Void is the same Void you know and love but with a twist! Since it’s just a remnant, it’s weaker than the real thing, so it always spawns with the following dungeon modifiers: 

  • Weak Boss III : Boss has 45% less HP.
  • Tame Boss IV : Boss inflicts 32% less damage.
  • Weak Minions III: Minions have 40% less HP.
  • Tame Minions III: Minions inflict 32% less damage.

By defeating the boss you will have a guaranteed drop of Void Catalyst x1

From June 7th to June 14th

  • Ice Cave will have 1.5x Loot Drop and EXP enabled. It will also have a 15% chance to drop a Remnant of the Void Portal
  • Ocean Trench will have 1.5x Loot Drop and EXP enabled. It will also have a 10% chance to drop a Remnant of the Void Portal

From June 14th  to June 21st

  • The Third Dimension will have 1.5x Loot Drop and EXP enabled. It will also have a 25% chance to drop a Remnant of the Void Portal
  • Parasite Chambers will have 1.5x Loot Drop and EXP enabled. It will also have a 10% chance to drop a Remnant of the Void Portal


Quest NameRequirement/sReward/sType of QuestDates
Call of the VoidVoid Catalyst x50Void BowOnce per account07/06-21/06
Unspeakable TruthVoid Catalyst x60Void Bow BlueprintOnce per account07/06-21/06
Consumed by DarknessVoid Catalyst x40
Void Demon MysticCronus Entity AssassinLittle Evil Doer WizardAnubis Necromancer
Once per account07/06-21/06
Creatures of HorrorVoid Catalyst x40
Void Hound Pet SkinAbyss Goliath Pet SkinMini Void Entity Pet SkinHollow Wendigo Pet Skin
Once per account07/06-21/06
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