The Court is in Session

Hello Realmers,

This is sounding a bit “Déjà vu”, right? After postponing the event due to a minor bug that was already fixed, we bring you the promised action at the Court of Oryx.
All Court of Oryx dungeons (High Tech Terror, Cnidarian Reef, Lair of Shaitan, Secluded Thicket, Puppet Master’s Encore) will have a 1.5x loot and XP multiplier from Friday, October 15 at 12:00 PM UTC until Tuesday, October 19, 12:00 PM UTC.… Read more “The Court is in Session”


The Vying – choose your side

Greetings, Realmers,

Tomorrow, Friday the 6th, preparations for a great battle are starting. You can participate in The Vying until Monday, Aug 16th, choosing your side in the clash of Chaos and Order and at the same time following Oryx’s path to greatness – which was also the Shattered Kingdom’s descent into ruin.… Read more “The Vying – choose your side”


Some glorious loot awaits!

Hello Realmers,

This week’s event will take place on Lair of Draconis and Tomb of the Ancients. It will start on Friday 25th, June at 12 PM UTC and finish on Monday, the 28th, at the same time. On top of getting 1.5 x the regular loot for these dungeons and XP, you’ll be able to enjoy a few different drops: 

  • The Grand Sphinx will have a chance to drop the Mini Nut Archer Skin; 
  • Geb in Tomb of the Ancients may drop Crystal of Fortune x20; Sand Wanderer Trickster Skin and Mini Sphinx Pet Skin;
  • The Rock Dragon can drop Wicked Dragon Wizard Skin;  
  • The Ivory Wyvern in the Lair of Draconis can drop Crystal of Fortune x20, Water Battlemaiden Sorcerer Skin, and Vermillion Dragon Pet Skin.

The Arrival

An event like you’ve never seen before

Hello space Realmers,

We were wondering: this has been such a peculiar year… what are we missing? Yes, you guessed correctly: Aliens! Aliens are arriving (only to the Realm, hopefully) this Thursday for a 10 day event, with plenty of quests and lots of loot to grind.… Read more “The Arrival”