Events in Parasite, Candyland, and Lair

Hello Realmers,

It ain’t no rest for the wicked, right?. Nor for the Daeva (See what we did there?) that is actually winning this battle against the Void, with 53% of the consumed items!  Unless there’s a turn of events over the weekend, the warrior skin will be the one handed out for free on Tuesday.… Read more “Events in Parasite, Candyland, and Lair”


Update 2.0 – Month of the Mad God

Hello Mighty Realmers,

Change. Change across the Realm. Crumbling over the multiple, fragmented realities of a world with thousands of destinies, and yet, a vast power is sweeping through them all. The winds of Chaos have permeated into every single plane, mortal or divine, and that was just one of the many signs.Read more “Update 2.0 – Month of the Mad God”


The Vying – choose your side

Greetings, Realmers,

Tomorrow, Friday the 6th, preparations for a great battle are starting. You can participate in The Vying until Monday, Aug 16th, choosing your side in the clash of Chaos and Order and at the same time following Oryx’s path to greatness – which was also the Shattered Kingdom’s descent into ruin.… Read more “The Vying – choose your side”