Open Testing – Shatters’ 2nd Boss!

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Hello Realmers,

Are you ready to dive into the Avatar of the Forgotten King’s arms? Try it out on the Open Testing session we are having today. You’ll now be able to try out the new Shatters and to go up until the 2nd boss! You’ll enter The Shatters through one of the portals you’ll find on the Nexus. On Saturday, the 7th of August, you’ll not be able to join The Shatters, but you’ll have at your disposal a very special Key Box so that you can try the new Dungeon Modifiers feature. It will be available from around 7 AM UTC. On Sunday the 8th, at the same time, we will switch things once more: you can test two items that will be around for the Month of the Mad God: the Dark and Light Rings. They both give you a +2 ATT on your Weapons bonus, and a +20 HP on your Armor. 

Dark Ring
On Equip+4 ATT,+3 DEX
ProcOn Taking Damage At 50% health +10 ATT
for 10 Sec Cooldown 20s
Summon/PetOn Taking Damage At 75% Summons an AOE
damage-dealing spirit
Attack cooldown0.6
Summon Cooldown35
Light Ring
On Equip+40 HP,+5 VIT
ProcOn Taking Damage At 75% health +15 DEF
for 10 Sec Cooldown 20s
Summon/PetOn Taking Damage At 50%
Summons a healing spirit
Max Heal80
Max players5
Effect Cooldown1
Summon Cooldown35
2pc bonus50602442
3pc bonus50804664
2pc bonus50604442
3pc bonus5080466410
Item bonus605
2pc bonus50604442
3pc bonus5080466410
Item bonus204

Please take into consideration that you’ll need a different account for testing. If you haven’t already created one, make sure to do so.

And please, after you are done testing Shatters, make sure to delete your testing characters that have Shatters items on them so you don’t have any issues connecting during future testing sessions. If you don’t, you will need to create a brand new account on the testing server to join the session.

Also, If you get a loading screen lock on the first attempt, please restart the game. 


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