MotMG 2021 in numbers

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Hello Realmers,

As tradition goes, we gathered some interesting numbers about our favorite month of the year into this infographic.

What is your favorite? What would you like to see on the 2022 version of it? Drop us a line in the comments.

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12 replies on “MotMG 2021 in numbers”

  1. Playingsince2013

    Hello. Now that you have a place of your own that I can comment on…
    I would just like to say that you all at DECA have done a fantastic job with ROTMG since you took over. I look forward to every single update that you release. The exalt client is SO nice to play with compared to the old flash game.
    Thank you so much DECA. I love you.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. [put original and funne name here]

    Now give us back the death-o-graph, its been too long since last time we got one lol

  3. Aslechi


  4. Kieran Hooper

    >70,115 lines of xml in the shatters

    At a certain point, I think adding compatibility with actual programming languages might be a good idea. I get the impression that using xml as a basis has been limiting design choices for a while now — since the Nest was released or perhaps even further back.

  5. Keppeh

    I would like to see the cult event and void event not be at the same time.

  6. Daniel McCarthy

    Hello. What really intrigued me was the Shatters having 9,077 overall dungeon completes since the start of this Campaign. The Campaign started on 17th Of August. Discords were popping Shatters keys none stop to grind out exalts on as many classes as they could. I know of two individuals whom had both gotten 10+ characters exalted during that time span. I myself got 6ish characters completed. Many knew that the dungeon would be made harder. In a post on the Reddit, I forget who specifically from your company, but they had said that the re-worked Shatters would be around the 2nd hardest dungeon; which would be seen as MBC, Void level hard. I have complete a decent amount of o3’s and also went into the re-worked Shatter’s led by groups whom had completes. The people whom have completed many of the re-work Shatter opinion is that they do very much find it challenging, while also at the same time annoyed by many of the mechanics/settings/etc; some to name would be kings patience phase, kings invulnerability being short, bombs not visible, hp scaling is very high.

    Now to get to what I really want to say.

    Shatters is the Attack Stat Exaltation
    Nest is the Dexterity Exaltation
    Both are Offensive Exaltations Providing to DPS
    Both apply increase to DPS equally on the DPS charts
    Nest is many times faster and easier than Shatters
    From a gaming perspective you would think they would be equally difficult.
    What can be done about this?
    1. Rework Nest to make it more difficult
    2. Lower the difficultly of Shatters
    3. Increase the difficulty of Nest while also Lowering the difficulty of Shatters [my preferred choice (but not like it matters)]

    The completes to Shatters during this campaign is skewed due to the 9-10 period before it got reworked into what it now is and what I previously mentioned that Discords were grinding many during that period. On the Discords many players who organize Shatters runs have little people whom want to join a Shatters run compared to other dungeons. I know it is new, since the re-worked, but even so many players have attempted and or know the difficulty(bugs and changes) and view it as not worth their time. Seeing as you are a company you will noticeably see Shatters keys being the Exaltation Dungeon Key with the fewest sales.

    Thank you for reading my comment
    A Realm Player(9+Yrs)

    Another thing I want to mention.
    I missed the Lava Walking.

  7. Jayze

    Would love to see how many “dagger of amethyst prism” is in the game now! 😀

  8. Fincy

    Yes please, more death-o-graphics and infographics!

  9. Felix

    Loved being able to get crystals of fortune! Even though I had missed out on a batch of 20 due to an accident, it was still nice to be able to get some free skins of choice.

  10. Ashimigari

    You should make forge fuel not necessary for forging; It’s a struggle enough to gather forge material. Or perhaps you could have some bosses drop Sulphur, I feel like that would add some grind to Rotmg

    1. ForgeIsGud

      Its literally I think 400 flame every day, its not that hard to just wait a day or three to forge something. If they removed that people would start crying how Forge has unlimited uses or something again

  11. loved keypers
    you guys need to buff the dang trap of vile spirit! its a direct downgrade to the cave dweller trap! I say this because I did 70 keypers and got only a trap from them!
    make it slide on the floor or somethin cool rework sliding sliding splodin splodin crazy evil face go gruah ha hah! when it explodes. Slidin mechanic on the trap of vile spirit wooh!

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