The Arrival

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An event like you’ve never seen before

Hello space Realmers,

We were wondering: this has been such a peculiar year… what are we missing? Yes, you guessed correctly: Aliens! Aliens are arriving (only to the Realm, hopefully) this Thursday for a 10 day event, with plenty of quests and lots of loot to grind. And this event has some peculiar oddities to it that you never seen before in an RotMG event before. You’ll only be able to get the full experience if you play throughout the whole event. As the days will be passing we will be unlocking new rewards in wormholes and rewards that, if combined, will give you the best loot.

Commander Calbrik, the acclaimed leader of his homeworld’s notorious army, is back and he’s trying to take the Realm for himself. 

And do you know what’s also back? The Universal Fragments. Here’s how to get them:

  • Commander Calbrik will spawn once in every Realm as you cut your way through the Heroes of Oryx. 
  • Alien Biff will spawn once in every Realm, once you defeat all the Ghost Kings
  • Defeating Calbrik and Alien Biff will spawn Wormholes

Token drop locations:

  • Calbrik aka Alien UFO – Universal Fragment x1
  • Alien Biff – Universal Fragment x1
  • Golden Sphinx (Katalund Boss) – Universal Fragment x2
  • Suesogian (Malogia Boss) – Universal Fragment x2
  • Tarul (Untaris Boss) – Universal Fragment x2
  • Acidus (Forax Boss) – Universal Fragment x2

The Event will run from 11/19 – 12:00 PM UTC until 11/29 – 12:00 PM UTC

Take a look at the quest table:

Click to Zoom


*During the course of the event, rewards will be progressively added to this repeatable quest, as specified in the table.
**As the quest will have rewards added to it twice during the event, you will be able to complete each one of its three iterations once.
+These quests will not be refreshed. They are only claimable once during the event

And to add to this, there will be x2 XP in all wormholes throughout the whole event!


And remember… the truth is out there.

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