The Summoning Tuesday update

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Hello Realmers, 

As you can see, the Crystal prisoner is closer to being aided. The Crystal Prisoner’s side suspects this power is an Oryx’s trap. They want to look for clues on Oryx’s plans and prepare for a big and future danger. In the meanwhile, the heroes of the nexus who side with the spider seem to be having some difficulties navigating through the webs…

Who will you side with? The Spider? Or the prisoner?

Understanding The Summoning:

From 03/22/21 until 03/29/21, you will be able to participate in a community campaign consisting of three quests. Your choice in the first quest (once-per-account, item of choice) will determine which of the other two (repeatable) you will be able to complete, and the total contributions towards either side will determine a community reward: Blueprint for the Summoner’s Mace of the Depths, or the Crystal Mace. In addition, players for each side will receive a unique pet skin based on their choice after the campaign is over – whether their side won or lost. And in addition to it, the total amount of Summoning quests completed will determine the contents of a free pack.
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