The Court is in Session

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Hello Realmers,

This is sounding a bit “Déjà vu”, right? After postponing the event due to a minor bug that was already fixed, we bring you the promised action at the Court of Oryx.
All Court of Oryx dungeons (High Tech Terror, Cnidarian Reef, Lair of Shaitan, Secluded Thicket, Puppet Master’s Encore) will have a 1.5x loot and XP multiplier from Friday, October 15 at 12:00 PM UTC until Tuesday, October 19, 12:00 PM UTC.

During the same time frame, Janus the Doorwarden will have the chance to drop the following items:

  • Ancient Stone Sword
  • Anointed Robe
  • Backpack
  • Battle Nexus Key
  • Blessed Blade Pet Skin
  • Ceremonial Merlot
  • Cleaner Maid Paladin Skin
  • Crimson Nildrop
  • Cursed Blade Pet Skin
  • Grapes of Wrath
  • Loot Drop Potion
  • Loot Tier Potion
  • Lucky Clover
  • Mystery Cloth (Large)
  • Mystery Cloth (Small)
  • Mystery Dye (Accessory)
  • Mystery Dye (Clothing)
  • Mystery Stat Pot
  • Ninja Mystery Skin
  • Onyx Nildrop
  • Potion of Defense (SB)
  • Potion of Max Level
  • Potion of Vitality (SB)
  • Power Pizza
  • Ring of Pagan Favor
  • Shard of the Intern x1
  • Spiteful Scutum
  • Superburger
  • Theurgy Wand
  • Wine Cellar Incantation
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