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Community Update

Brave Realmers!

In the upcoming weekends, you will be invited to join our Open Testing sessions, as we are preparing for Month of the Mad God.

This weekend, we are giving you a little taste of what’s to come with the next release (not MotMG yet!) – HP Scaling adjustment! We are opening Testing for you till Monday, 7AM UTC. 

In the Nexus, you will be met with a few portals where you can try out the HP scaling changes namely Puppet Master’s Theatre, Toxic Sewers,Mad Lab, Cursed Library, Undead Lair, Abyss of Demons, Lair of Draconis, Ocean Trench, Mountain Temple, High Tech Terror, Secluded Thicket, Ice Cave, The Nest, Cultist Hideout, The Void, Fungal Cavern, The Shatters, Lost Halls, Crystal Cavern and Oryx’s Sanctuary.

Adaptive HP Scaling

This weekend, you will get to test the tweaks we have been working on for the Adaptive HP Scaling system; a system where certain bosses would adapt their total HP depending on the number of players present. While the system was an improvement over the linear growth we had in the past, in certain cases (big groups for example) its exponential increase wasn’t to our liking. In other cases, the HP was scaling too slowly.

We have decided to move onto an implementation that allows us to define the HP growth curve on each enemy. This means we are able now to adapt the HP scaling per boss, to any number of players in whatever “curve shape” we want. This means that we are able to further smooth the HP scaling for battles where, by the nature of the battle, too big or too small groups were at a disadvantage over mid-sized groups.

How does the new HP Scaling system work?

  • HP scaling now works like a “tax bracket” system: each additional player beyond the first will add a certain % of the base HP to the monster’ final health.
  • This means the first X players might add some amount, but the next Y players might add a different amount.
  • These values depend on the difficulty of the dungeon.
  • Dungeon Mods that affect the HP of an enemy are applied to the “base” HP which will then be affected by the HP Scaling.
    • For example if you have a +45% HP mod, that will be applied to the base HP of the monster. Then, that new base HP will get a +X%HP from the HP scaling system.


Player number #Difficulty <=2.5Difficulty <=6Difficulty >6


Player number #Difficulty <=2.5Difficulty <=6Difficulty >6


  • While not all monsters follow this new system, most bosses, minibosses do. Realm Encounters do not follow this HP Scaling system either.
  • Certain bosses and monsters follow a different curve. One of the most relevant is Oryx 3, See table below:
Player number #Oryx the Exalted God “3”

ST Forge adjustments

For balance reasons, we have decided to decrease the dismantling value of some specific ST items which are tradeable. The following items will now provide less Mythical material.

  • Shendyt of Geb
  • Geb’s Ring of Wisdom
  • Book of Geb
  • Wand of Geb
  • Soulless Robe
  • Ring of the Covetous Heart
  • Soul of the Bearer
  • The Phylactery

As usual, your regular production account won’t work here. If you don’t have one already, you’ll need to create a Testing one. You can switch between Testing and Production at the top right in our launcher.

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