Fan Art Showroom #1

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Creative Realmers,

With this post, we want to highlight the art around the game. It can be a scribble on a paper napkin or a sculpture worthy of ancient Greece. What matters is to highlight the wonders that you do every week. (Needless to say, we are only highlighting the ones that are Safe For Work, you naughty ones!).

You can submit your art through the fan content section of this website, or just post on any of our social media or discussion forums.

This week we are highlighting the Reddit user Silfyn, who decided to recreate some Realm characters in low poly, using Blockbench. The result was pretty cool and we would like to see more of these. Take a look:

r/RotMG - LOTL LOW POLY! someone asked me to do it and i did! put a lot of love on this one so hope u like it
Click the image to go to the Reddit thread where it was originally posted
r/RotMG - Hermit god low poly joined sphinx (yes i used mc water texture fuck texturizing water)
r/RotMG - I made this low poly sphinx!

Great job Sylfin!

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