January Discord Events and December Winners!

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Welcome you all to the year 2022! Now that the welcoming is done, we are going to have a look at the Event Calendar for the Discord Server! The Discord Team once more prepared some events for you all to enjoy. And with enough effort, you might even be able to win some nice prizes!

For more information regarding the Discord Events, you should join the Server and check out the Event Channel!


As you may have noticed, we did not do weekly streams in the last weeks. This is mainly due to us wanting to change the way we do our streams. To be absolutely honest with you, we think they were kind of repetitive. We want to change that.
Our goal is to provide you with more informative and/or fun streams. We are still going to do our spawn events in the Admin Arena but we are not going to do this weekly anymore.
We are going to do streams in the future with different team members from different teams to make the streams more interactive. We want you to be able to ask questions directly to the people who might be able to answer them.

The stream will happen twice a month (with some exceptions) and the next one will be on the 11th of January, 2022. 

December Event Winners

Now let us look at last month’s winners!
We had some amazing contestants in December and we want to share their amazing work with you. You can find a full list of winners in the event announcement channel.

RotMG Food Menu 

First Place: Seva#4377 | Sevlych

Second Place: Lovens#0768 | Lovens

Third Place: Flaps#9562 | ismystery

Oryxmas Card

First Place: eyrts#3174 | liesel

Second Place: Teobaldo#6925 | Darkous

Third Place: uselessappellation#7907 | Uselessapp

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