Lunar New Year Events?



As always on Wednesdays, we are here to present to you our upcoming events and competitions. 

There is no better time than now to start celebrating the Year of the Water Tiger! On Friday we are going to reveal our small upcoming Community Campaign. The goal? Slay enough Ivory Wyverns as a community to receive a reward pack. This pack is going to contain the following items:

But keep in mind. You only receive those items when beating enough flying chickens. In case you don’t, we still have other rewards ready for you all. More on that on Friday!


Something we can already tell you in detail is our upcoming event in the Lair of Draconis. (Which might also be related to the campaign… FRIDAY!)

Starting Friday, 28th of January at 12 PM UTC, you have a chance for some festive items in the Lair of Draconis! The Dungeon will also spawn with the Weak Boss II and XP Boost (Boss) III modifiers. The Event ends on the 3rd of February at 12 PM UTC.

Lair of Draconis Drops:

  • Amulet of Drakefyre
  • Backpack
  • Celestial Blade
  • Chinese Dress Trickster Skin
  • Draconis Key
  • Fire Dragon Battle Armor
  • Grapes of Wrath
  • Helm of Draconic Dominance
  • Indomptable
  • Large Green Dragon Scale Cloth
  • Large Ivory Dragon Scale Cloth
  • Large Midnight Dragon Scale Cloth
  • Large Red Dragon Scale Cloth
  • Leaf Dragon Hide Armor
  • Loot Drop Potion
  • Loot Tier Potion
  • Lucky Clover
  • Midnight Star
  • Mini Nikao Pet Skin
  • Mystery Stat Pot
  • Potion of Max Level
  • Power Pizza
  • Shard of the Doorwarden
  • Small Green Dragon Scale Cloth
  • Small Ivory Dragon Scale Cloth
  • Small Midnight Dragon Scale Cloth
  • Small Red Dragon Scale Cloth
  • Superburger
  • Water Dragon Silk Robe
  • Wicked Dragon Wizard Skin
  • Wine Cellar Incantation
  • Zaarvox’s Heart
  • Zodiac Dog Pet Skin
  • Zodiac Ox Pet Skin
  • Zodiac Pig Pet Skin
  • Zodiac Rat Pet Skin

During the same time, Rock Dragon will have the chance to drop:

  • Amulet of Drakefyre
  • Chinese Princess Warrior Skin
  • Helm of Draconic Dominance
  • Indomptable
  • Mini Chinese Dragon Pet Skin
  • Mini Paper Lantern Pet Skin
  • Zaarvox’s Heart
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