Friday News: Spoiler Alert!

Hello curious Realmers,

As promised we are sharing with you some of our plans for the first quarter of 2021. Nonetheless, if you want to take a look at what we did last year, please check our 20 minute (or the 20 seconds one, if you’re really in a hurry) recap video that counted with the help of our content creators. … Read more “Friday News: Spoiler Alert!”


Friday News: PT & all about Item Forge

Hello Realmers,

Hoping that the AMA session we had yesterday was useful. Please remember to follow our instagram account @Rotmg_exalt. There are certain things we are only going to share with you there. 

Here’s what you may find on today’s Public Testing session:

  • Item Forge
  • The Blacksmith
  • The interface
  • Crafting items
  • Fireforge
  • Blueprints
  • Oryxmas campaign
  • Jack Frost
  • Reconstructed Dungeons
  • New Third Dimension Dungeon by Aurum (don’t miss the post about this one on Monday)…
  • …and more!
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Not all that glitters is Gold

Sometimes it’s double gold.

Hello Shiny Realmers,

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Realmers who celebrate it!

This week has been quite intense, with the release of the Fame Reworks. We can assure you that our team is working around the clock to ensure that the issues that came with it are solved very soon. … Read more “Not all that glitters is Gold”


Reconstruction Continues

As the Halloween season fades, we wanted to officially announce what some of us have been working on for the next round of dungeon reconstruction!

Reconstruction Continues

Deadwater Docks, Woodland Labyrinth, and the Crawling Depths have all fallen behind the new standard we aimed to set (both aesthetically and mechanically) in the early game dungeons reworked during Month of the Mad God.… Read more “Reconstruction Continues”


Upcoming Content and Harassment Policy

Darkness falls across the land
The midnight hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of blood
To terrorize your neighborhood

Greetings! This has been quite a MotMG, but we’re not done yet! Halloween activities are approaching, and we have one more big release planned afterwards before transitioning from MotMG to the final stretch of 2020.… Read more “Upcoming Content and Harassment Policy”