We are giving away 50k Realm Gold

Development Update 50K Realm Gold Giveaway!

Update (12/15/2021): The winners were drafted and will be contacted by email soon so that they can give us their IGNs to send the gold to.

Thank you all for participating!


We wanted to share the Oryxmas spirit with you and our Content Partners, so we created this giveaway. During today and until 3 PM UTC you’ll be able to enter this giveaway for 50K Realm Gold. All you need to do is complete the actions listed above… and that’s it!

During these 24 hours, our Content Creators Gleff, BBSmooth, Floflorian, Spenca and xArrowStorm will stream (and raid each other at the end of the streams) and show codes that are worth 10 entries each. You can only use the codes once per account, but you can collect them all: 100 entries if you catch them all!

Please note that the option to input the codes will only unlock when you complete 3 other actions.

You can also refer friends to gain extra entries!

We have prizes for the 20 entries that are going to be picked on the 15th, at 3PM:

  • 1st: 15K Realm Gold
  • 2nd: 10K Realm Gold
  • 3rd: 6K Realm Gold
  • 4th: 4K Realm Gold
  • 5th: 3K Realm Gold
  • 6th: 2300 Realm Gold
  • 7th: 1500 Realm Gold
  • 8th: 1200 Realm Gold
  • 9th: 1000 Realm Gold
  • From the 10th to the 20th: 500 Realm Gold
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