Reindeers and frosty changes!

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Hello Realmers,

Can you see this paragraph? You can because our transparency is set to 100%. Yes, we have much awaited news about this in these release notes. Apart from that QOL improvement, it is mainly a release that aims at bug fixes and small changes. Enjoy!

Jack Frost and Reindeers

  • Jack Frost has returned! Go collect his parts and put them together on the snow patches in the mountains.
    • The Snowman Gods in the mountains will drop Snowman Body, as well as different Carrots, Coals and Top Hats. Activate the Body first on the snow patch (marked blue on your map), and then build your own icy horror.
    • Jack Frost drops Oryxmas UT Weapons.
  • Buffs from Reindeer Reins have been activated.


  • You are now able to set the opacity down to 10% directly from the options menu

Skin Fixes

  • The Dye Mask of the Graceful Kensei Skin is now appearing properly in its front and side attack and side walk frames.
  • Changed the Tier of the Graceful Kensei Skin from Superior to the correct Greater.


  • Fixed an issue with certain items requiring the wrong mark while crafting.

The following items now require Mark of the Forgotten King:

  • Warmonger
  • Dusky Catalyst
  • Valor
  • Primal Arcana
  • Sentinel’s Sidearm
  • Polarity Poison
  • Noble Mandolin
  • Vanguard’s Visage
  • Peacekeeper

  • The Forgotten Craftsmanship quest is therefore back to its intended rotation pre-bug discovery.
  • Fixed a problem with quicksand, sinking the character quicker than normal in the Tomb of the Ancients and the Ancient Ruins.
  • Permafrost Lord now has correct messages in chat after defeating him.
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