Patch – Security update

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Hello Realmers,

Today we bring you the equivalent to seatbelts in cars. Well, better than seatbelts because you can see those. We are making security improvements. Like we said before, we have the whole team committed to fixing the issue that caused the weekend exploits and will be releasing a fix for it soon.… Read more “Patch – Security update”

Interview with Floflorian (and new Events)

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Hello Realmers,

Given the popular demand for more interviews we decided to bring you one of our partnered content creators, the Austrian Florian Huber, also known as Floflorian, 23 years old. And Yes, we will keep on this series of interviews, with DECA staff, testers, content creators and Discord Mods.… Read more “Interview with Floflorian (and new Events)”

O3 Training (this time for real)

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Hello Realmers,

Soooo, last week’s testing session didn’t go well… well it didn’t go, actually. This week (fingers crossed) all will go as planned and you’ll be able to practice those Oryx’s Sanctuaries on the testing servers. Please remember to download your testing launcher here (Steam testing environment will not be available).… Read more “O3 Training (this time for real)”

Realm of the Mardi Gras

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Party Realmers,

While Mardi Gras is a bit late this year, it’s still happening! We didn’t want to overwhelm you with tokens this year, so it’s taking place under the name “Carnival of Love” and you will be able to reuse your leftover Hearts and Love Letters and collect new ones.… Read more “Realm of the Mardi Gras”

A Story of War V

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A Knight and a Necromancer…

Hello mighty Realmers,

Today we are announcing the bonus program “Story of War V.” Some of you may already be familiar with it from previous iterations, but we want to explain how it goes nonetheless:

The bonus program is a time limited event that can be accessed in the Shop.… Read more “A Story of War V”


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Hello Realmers,

This patch introduces fixes to some issues reported after the latest release. We are also introducing a free pack today, and a fame box on the weekend to thank you for your patience. 

Events’ loot tables will now have additional Nil drops in them.… Read more “Hotfix”

Patch – Remember the Nil

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Hello Realmers,

This release makes some important changes to the realm. We are introducing Nilshards and Nildrops and renaming the ore. We are bringing new STs (for the Knight and Necromancer). We’ve also been preparing Belladonna for Valentine’s day, so expect a few tweaks.… Read more “Patch – Remember the Nil”