Best of Reddit

Hello Realmers,

Let me start by saying that we are preparing the most EPIC MotMG you’ve ever seen. Tomorrow we will be releasing the new STs for paladin and trickster and many other new features.

Here are the best threads of Reddit for the past week:

The homage

The easter egg

10/10 would watch


Reddit Best of

Hello Realmers,

So, lot’s of great art last week on Reddit. So much that we decided to make a whole blog post just pointing you towards those threads where you can show the artists all your Realmy Love.

We had the Katanas by Feshoe:

The Shadow Cube Blaster by the one and only, Saturn:

A cute plushie… by Moneywench:

And an Oriental atire for the Trickster by FreakyKima:

Please follow the links in the images and show them all your love in the Reddit comments!