10 things that say you are a RotMG player

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Hey Realmers,

Thank Oryx It’s Friday! In a lovely conversation with our Testers and UGC members, we came up with a series of things that might indicate you have been playing a bit of RotMG. How many of these can you relate to?

  1. You have a worn out R key;
  2. You have a notable affinity for “keys”;
  3. When you mention “PPE”, the first thing you think of isn’t personal protective equipment;
  4. You always check the white bags that arrive from the grocery store. You never know;
  5. You have a love – hate relationship with DECA. (We love you, tho.);
  6. You have seen Niegil die once or twice;
  7. Trying to max out characters and being extra careful with them in any other game, despite it not; being permadeath, nor meant for grinding;
  8. You have a pet named Oryx;
  9. You organize a night out with friends through Discord and call it a “run”;
  10. You end up staying home because there’s still a pandemic going on…

Oh, and don’t forget. On the 2nd of June it will be the first time you’ll be able to purchase the Scientific Summoner ST. At that same day you’ll be able to claim the free “Be proud” pack.

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