Oryx 3 Updates and Ancient Ruins

Development Update

Oryx’s Sanctuary has been out for roughly a week and a half now, and July is wrapping up. We’re thrilled with the reception of Oryx 3 so far, but our work is not done just yet! We still have a few more changes we’d like to make based on what we’ve seen over the past dozen days, which we plan to release next week.… Read more “Oryx 3 Updates and Ancient Ruins”

Oryx’s Arena

Development Update

Hello again! We’re winding down to the end of Oryx 3’s development and putting on lots of finishing touches. We just want to take a moment to show off some art changes to the final boss arena of the Mad God himself!… Read more “Oryx’s Arena”

Server Queue and Bard Campaign

Development Update

Hello! Next week will see the introduction of a new technical feature as well as the start of a free to play campaign, so let’s waste no time taking a look!

Server Queue

After many requests, we are adding a new queue system to joining packed servers, just like the realm portal queue!… Read more “Server Queue and Bard Campaign”